The Tard is Strong in Tommy Tuberville

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  1. Recently elected Republican Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville is being mocked for his remarks on the creation of a bipartisan commission to further investigate the events of January 6 surrounding the Capitol insurrection.

    Tuberville, who is one of former President Donald Trump's staunchest allies, told reporter Andrew Solender from Forbes he refused to support the bipartisan commission until the Senate made it "bipartisan."

    ....the proposal for the bipartisan commission is to compose it of 50% Democrats and 50% Republicans.

  2. Georgia Governor @BrianKempGA knows America is the "Land of the Home"!

    Georgia... is it a southern thing?
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    Consuming too many boiled peanuts. That is DEFINITELY a southern thing.
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    We've seen how congress conducts investigations...

    Rank buffoonery, non-existent "evidence" including fabricated Presidential dialog, fake "whistleblowers", manufactured dossiers, suppressed exculpatory evidence, manipulation of "witnesses", manipulation of "testimony" and every form of lying known to primates.

    Ain't happening, particularly since there was no insurrection. Total horse shit.

    The truth is that January 6th was civil unrest exactly like what Democrats have been encouraging all over the country for the last year.

    The idea that AOC claims she has had a "war experience" is repulsive and vomit inducing.
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  5. Uh he wants Congress to conduct an investigation but he objected to the proposed bipartisan commission because it was not ..uh.... bipartisan...

    I think he played football without his helmet too much
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    When Antifa and BLM thugs, torch, destroy, loot business, it is not even considered a riot or an insurrection when they are rising against authority, including, by the police and national guard, against mayors and governors? One has to be the ultimate imbecile not to see that they have committed serious crimes, for which they get a pass? Not even booked with their photos and fingerprints taken? Yet, demonstrators on January 6, 2021, who stormed the Capitol but, was not even threatening the lawmakers as the fake drama of the RINO and Democrat liberals? They should be the ones prosecuted for massive election fraud they were a party to. No doubt, Antifa was part of the violent handful of thugs, creating all the havoc. Again, they get a pass and not even charged? All of it to blame it all on Trump supporters.
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    Did she really suggest she had a "war experience"? The hell is wrong with that woman?!?

    She needs to watch some Spielberg films. It's the best we can do for her aside from time travel. Strap her into a chair and tape her eyes open, make her watch this shit for days on end, no food, an IV of sugar water. FUCK HER!

  9. Sometimes it seems you have a war going on in your head. Where’s Tsznecki to straighten you out? Lol
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    So you agree with AOC saying she has ever suffered a "war experience"?
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