The Toyota Hysteria

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  1. This is crazy, listen to these congressmen, they are doing everything they can to scare americans so they no longer buy Toyota. I truly admire those Toyota execs, coping with this circus in Congress. They are so much better than US CEO's always full of shit.

    How come Toyota has no problems in Europe and elsewehere ? That's strange. I would buy a Toyota in a jiffy , they are the best cars, however uncool they are.
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    You need a congressman to scare you into not buying a car that has a mind of it's own? I have enough problems with my desktop that thinks it is smarter than me, let alone a friggin car.

    Why would you risk it? With 40 models out there, each equally good as any toyota has ever been?

    If it were me, I would buy a Honda in a split second over a toyota at this point.
  3. Fuck Toyota!

    They were building defective cars that killed 34 people, more than the infamous Pinto exploding gas tanks. And they covered it up. And worked to get around fixing the problem. All to keep that stock price high.

    Fuck Toyota!

    $1 billion per death sounds about right to me.
  4. I will never buy anything BUT a Toyota or Lexus.

    This is a full on press to save the shithole GM and the sellout unions.

    I will never buy or even rent an american piece of shit.

    This is business and disgust, not "patriotism".

    Let the unions die on the vines, whiney dem voting sellouts.
  5. If you have a throttle problem you go back to the dealer and ask for a fix. The chances that you will die from a defective throttle are slim if you otherwise respect basic safety rules when driving.
    I seriously doubt the numbers that are bandied about, when the driver is dead how can you tell the gas pedal was the cause of the accident ? It seems to me this opens the door to all kind of B.S. in the vein of the UBL Iraq, Iran, AIG B.S. We know how the govt is full of it.
    I am thinking this is blown out of proportion. A few isolated problems, that caused unfortunate accidents, certainly Toyota should be held liable if they are responsible and probably they are on some level, but this is being ridiculously exploited by the US govt.

    And I can't believe CNBC is interrupting regular program for this
    event. They must be paid by GM and the govt for doing so.
  6. I had a Toyota that was designed with a suspension geometry error (dangerous), this was nearly two decades ago. It was a low volume car, so not many know about it. The problem was later corrected, quietly on later year models.

    I still prefer Toyotas, the ones that are actually made in Japan. Better raw materials, better fit and finish, prideful workers...
  7. Our Ignorant leaders are putting on a circus show... Watch and learn how racially discriminating our nation has become.

    Toyota cars are made in the US by Toyota USA.
    The politicians continue to box and blame the execs of the Japanese holding company. One of the politicians goes off on a rant stating she bought a toyota for its Japanese reputation... although she stated she wanted to buy an american car. at least 5 times the execs state Toyota cars are made in the US by US workers using US supplied materials. She's to stupid to understand she has an American made Toyota branded Car.

    Since we're at war with the brown folks.. might as well take on the yellows.
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    Sorry guys who have a different oppinion, but it is a fact that Toyota ignored for years cases of "unwanted accelaration". there were several cases, documented, witnesses, etc and the company did not do squat. Then a family died in a horrific San diego accident and finally autorities started to pressure Toyota. Sorry, toyota have great cars but they really ignore very serious serious problems (defects) in their cars and IMHO deserve all the flak they are taking
  9. Next, the guv will go after Toyota as their 4x4 crew cab pickups are the primary mode of transport for terrorist in third world nations.
  10. Oh great. The black helicopter squad from Fox News have logged in their opinions.

    This is yet another simple case of a PUBLICLY TRADED company profiting on the back of defective products that have resulted in the deaths of 37 (so far) people. Check the facts instead of saying something as stupid as "I doubt the number is that high". This has nothing to do with a foreign company or people. This has everything to do with another PUBLICLY TRADED company thinking about it's bottom line instead of the human beings that use their products.
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