The Villages

Discussion in 'Luxury and Lifestyle' started by ipatent, Oct 20, 2021.

  1. ipatent


    Who's heard of this retirement/lifestyle community in central Florida, and what have you heard?
  2. mac


    I’ve been to the villages a few times, have friends and relatives who live there.
    It is simply.. amazing! There is something for everyone. Hundreds of clubs to join, from playing with remote control boats to target shooting! Lots of golf courses too.
    Lots of two for one drinks specials. Live music every night. Open to the public also.
    What would you like to know? I’ll be there this winter also.
  3. Pekelo


    2 things I heard:

    1. High level of STDs in the population.
    2. Drunk (golf cart) driving at 11 am.

    I guess when you are retired, what else are you gonna do? :)
  4. mac


    Heard about the STD cases too. They need to be more careful.

    I’m guilty of driving the cart with maybe one too many.
    It’s actually a very nice place with many super friendly people. Everyone should at least visit once.
  5. mlawson71


    I mean, it's a bunch of bored adults seeking entertainment, no wonder it's like that. :D