The Wallstreet Trapper

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    First time he heard about stocks in prison at age of 16 (?) ;
    later years, emerged himself into books of Warren B., Peter Lynch, etc.

    Shouldn't be timestamped*

    Disclaimer : haven't done my due diligence on him, sharing just because of the story.
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    He found the secrets to investing, and we can learn them for only $997!:D
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    Yup, heard it later on in the video.

    Still, based on what i heard, more reliable guru than 90% out there.

    Again, no data, just a guess.
    ( Maybe the course is as simple as ,,DCA into VOO & SPY" )

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  4. Hes an investir. Investing is easy. Remember the experiment with an ape throwing darts at tickers outperforming every time? Easy.
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    WTf, we need a consolidated gurus thread. There are so many popping up all over the place.
    Can they just take all my money already
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