There are some big riots going on in England right now

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    There are some big riots going on in London in Tottenham right now. I don't know if you are seeing it on the news. It is supposedly about a guy that got shot by the police a couple of days ago. There is a bus on fire and police cars on fire and builds too. There is looting and eight police officers have been put in hospital.

    It has been going on for a few hours now. It is still going on.
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  3. Vancouver riots better.
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    Why wasn't I invited?
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    What's the big deal about the police shooting and killing that guy? He was probably threatening the police officers and the police responded with justified deadly force.
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    You're right, it was probably just some gangbanger.

    BUT, BUT, BUT the riot was very significant I believe and it's going to be one of many happening all around the western world over the coming years. The youth are slowly starting to realise what's happening (economic wise) and how they've been sold down the road by the politicians.

    All a riot needs is a spark to get going and usually that spark has nothing to do with the underlying problem.
  7. If you attack the police and you get shot well then you're the fool.

    What tha fuck are these people protesting for? For their lazyness?

    I hope they shoot some more of those left wing losers down, just as an example.
  8. well Morgan, you know a lot more about it than me, but I've heard all taxes combined (income, vat and whatever others they have over there) puts what we would call the wealthy at about 70%.

    So the only other thing I can think of is a net worth tax.

    Which sometimes I think would be even more fair than an income tax (if you can figure out a way so some little old lady doesn't get taxed out of the house she's lived in for 50 yrs.)
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    Hillbilly bob , you're one intelligent and subtle individual aren't you ?
  10. I heard they were rioting because the government was instituting mandatory dental care.
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