THESE deadbeat tech stocks are at - 70%, should I sell it or hold?

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  1. Hi there,

    I decided to follow the top stocks on a 13f from November of last year, but now they are deeply underwater.

    These are the TICKERS:










    They are all down between 50-80%.

    Yes I should of placed stops. They are in a tax free savings account, so I cant claim tax losses.

    Should I

    a) keep holding them until we are in a bull market?

    b) sell them so I can buy energy/gold/ SQQQ ?

    c) Other ______________________________

    Thank you!
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  2. zdreg


    Buy more stock.
  3. If you seek advice from a forum, then you should not be trading and be on paper. Number one is to protect your capital so you can some day trade again, if you so desire.

    That being said, sometimes damage is so bad that there is very little more that can happen, e.g. price is down 90%. That is a case of a clear hold. Everything else is variable.

    No one can really answer your question (well) because they do not know your situation relative to your overall portfolio, age, other assets.

    Best of luck.
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  4. Snuskpelle


    If you have a deep well founded conviction then buy more advice is valid... at some point. Just hold until the smoke clears, no need to rush in to burn more money.

    If you just bought due to some dipshit magazine/analyst "best stocks" recommendation (or even 13f ;)) then you might as well cut your losses already. Even when markets bounce back you're probably better off with new picks (or index ETF if you lack stockpicking skills).

    Of course, the question and the way it was phrased suggests the latter.
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  5. zdreg


    We know his age. We know he is not a trader, He is a patient investor willing to wait for the next bull market.
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  6. When they are down -90% from their highs, double up.

    When they are down -95% from their highs, double up again.
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  7. zdreg


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  8. deaddog


    The stock doesn't know what you paid for it. Is there a better place to employ that capital today? Why add to a mistake?
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  9. If you've already missed the smart stop-out level, then you might play for the "eventual recovery".
  10. deaddog


    You might do that but I wouldn't say it was the best play.
    Not much different from throwing a dart to pick your next stock.
    If you wouldn't buy a stock why would you hold it?
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