THESE deadbeat tech stocks are at - 70%, should I sell it or hold?

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  1. Citi was sort of a special case. A MAJOR bank.. too big to fail. "Fed gonna bail them out at some point" was a risk worth taking.
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    Of course it was. My point unless your stock that is down 90% is a special case why not dump it and look for a special case. There's a reason your stock is down. The market always recovers but that doesn't apply to individual stocks.
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  3. Exactly my point.
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    It sound like a loser's strategy. That is a losing strategy since you have already proven you are not a capable market timer. Or perhaps you are being sarcastic?
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  5. When it comes to defense and capital preservation, nothing is better than "stopping out when you should". If you let the trade get beyond that against you, you're at the mercy of the market.... not a strategy for success.
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  6. Yepp. Whatever seemed like the best selection of stocks in Nov last year probably isn't the best selection going forward.
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  7. %%
    THAT can work real well\
    except i did some fund + fundamental what may have been[past tense] a good name=TASK. has a sell raTing of 100% on task......................................................
    IBD rates it rather HIGHLY mostly [eps of 97]\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\but its belowIBD 200dma sell signal SCHW has it mostly high rated\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\except ''no Market Edge rating '' =oops. Me i would sell it today, unless it rockets UP last hour.
    Late to buy sqqq,[took profits today but i bought some SPY ETFs inverse again SDS...............................+ TZA.
    May getback in sqqq again/ i may see how it races or beats TZA??
    DAL, GM, Bear Stearns went to zero /fire sale\Task MAY HAVE DONE WELL IN BULL UP trend, BUT WE are DEEP IN POLAR BEAR TREND\200dma
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  8. good thing smart traders loaded up on XLE at 95., They swift
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  9. is murray T turtle a savant ?
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  10. are you a good market timer? [​IMG]
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