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  1. Is anyone else having recurring lag issues since the update from 6/25/2011? I am having lag issues that TOS keeps insisting is on my end. I have ridiculously powerful hardware, tons of memory and a solid internet pipe.

    What I am seeing is smooth performance interrupted by peculiar lag spikes that do not pause the quote feed, but that do pause the interaction to the order server. This manifests itself with an inability to adjust stop orders on the chart, late fills, etc. It's a nightmare when you're trading futures.

    During the lag spike, in order to test my general connectivity, I turn to other internet-based software and run some speed tests. I see no problems with any other internet software during these spikes. They last for about 20secs to as long as a full minute and are frequent -- about once every few minutes.

    I have contacted tech support several times now they seem completely unable to help. "Get more memory" "Clear out your thinkorswim folder" etc. etc. I have tried everything they suggested as well as reinstalling the software. I have no viruses or spyware on the machine. The box is CLEAN.

    I am looking for some other people to confirm this issue. I am at my wits end with this. Thanks for any feedback.
  2. Yes...I have had the same issues, just haven't complained. Also had a margin issue (very temporarily) in which they had a crazy calc which just made no sense. Platform basically doesn't perform as well as it used to ...perhaps they have overloaded with lots of bells and whistles.

    What you are saying tho is exactly what happened to me especially during announcements and other critical times. oh...and then today when I tried to log on it wouldn't let me...had to do the web based site.
  3. fwiw, i use a different platform for trading but do use their charts. i was testing out some strategies last week on TOS and i experienced similar situation as you've described. my market orders just hung for awhile and did nothing but eventually was executed at the price they should have. if it happened in my real account, i'd be raising hell.
  4. I am seeing FREQUENT lag outs during ordinary, low-volume periods as well, not just fast markets. It's been a steady decline in performance at TOS for some time now. Their failure to own up to the problem is very frustrating.
  5. what James is saying about orders happened several times to me this past week. Trading the ES my orders didn't appear even after the market moved past my trade then eventually I saw them on the screen and yes its very frustrating. ES was trading as if it were a pit trade rather than electronic.
  6. I'm seeing a similar pattern in whatever Ameritrade buys out -> they eventually crap out.
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    i've been a long term TOS user they have been having this issue for about a year. they claim it is not on their side but the truth is it is the java they used building the platform it has exceeded it's limit the only way to fix it is write to a new program. I don't see that happening unless TDA does it after they complete the merger. I still use TOS for options but those are not so time critical for entry and exit well at least the way i trade. I use ninja for futures trading or any stocks i maybe trading short term.There is a lot to like about TOS but speed isn't one of them
  8. Exactly. I really like them for swing option trades, and I would love for them to be fast and offer a lot of products, but so far that just isn’t happening.
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    the last week my TOS platform was freezing up too. It would take too many minutes "reconnecting". Option prices would jump all over the place. At one time, my balance was (-128,000,000)

    Even entering an order on papertrade. I would try to cancel/replace only for the message box to say it was already filled. And the actual "fill" feedback didn't sound off until 2 minutes later.....didd-llio-ding!

    Daytrading on the 15min chart is still feasible. But have seen too many bar differences on the 5min and 1min when I put up MT4 charts or Tradesignal charts up next to TOS for example.