This coming Autumn: BIG VOL.....

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    Whether TrumPidiot tanks the U.S. through gross mis-management of Co-VID-19 or through China's military incursion into Hong Kong AND Taiwan AND the Spratley's, or through blue-collar pandering/deficit-bloating Co-VID buy-offs......

    Dear Smilin' Joe Biden cruises into the White House without a single change in the Senate/House mix, making all kinds of will-go-nowhere policy pronouncements....

    no matter! Markets like *stability* -- no matter who's in charge. And we WILL see the kind of stomach-*wrenching* floppitude we saw during the night of The Orange One's "election" ("It was Super-big. The Biggest. It had many, many Electoral College votes. The most votes ever -- in some not counted -- Fraud! But we still won!!!!").....

    But this time, the flop will be seen beforehand, as those with positions that take weeks to exit, will start around Labor Day, and d-d-d-down will go the market. No! Up! Back d-d-d-down will go the Market. The Great Election Roll-Over, as institutional money tries to free cash, and pour into Safe Havens and better, companies that will prosper simply because of the calendar being Post Election.

    Watch for it. :(:confused::vomit:

    Your own politics won't matter. What *will* matter is for you to (basically) ignore fundamentals for about 8-12 weeks.
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    Shouldn't be hard. Everyone's basically been ignoring them for 8-12 years
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    Everyone already knows all this.

    What will matter is whether the realized vol exceeds the expected vol.