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    Police only require a high school diploma so the same could be said when they are killed.Personally I feel safer around a gas station attendant than a US cop.
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    No there weren't. The guy was obviously not complying. The guy raised his hand at the police as if he had a gun.
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    A box cutter is a lethal weapon.
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    Yes they were.
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    Tony Stark

    He was not attacking them with it.He was multiple feet away from them.In any other advanced nation 9 cops likely wouldn't have fired over 15 rounds.
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    One of the most violent,dangerous,murderous creatures on the planet.


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    NASHVILLE TN (WSMV) - A retired law enforcement officer has concerns about how police handled the situation leading up to the shooting of Landon Eastep on Interstate 65 on Thursday afternoon.

    Michael Collins, a retired lieutenant with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and 25 year police officer, watched the cellphone video of the incident and body camera footage and credits the off-duty Mount Juliet Police officer for how he engaged Eastep.

    He said even though it seemed the officers were working to contain Eastep to one area, Collins was concerned about how many people were engaging him and some of the tactics used.

    “The biggest thing that came to mind was the number of officers on the scene,” Collins said.

    That was one of Collins’ first thoughts when he saw all the footage of the officer-involved shooting on I-65.

    “To have that many officers present in uniform and with the weapons drawn, that’s more intimidation than anything else, especially when you’re talking about a person having a mental episode,” Collins said.

    Collins was in law enforcement for 25 years and said he was involved in training officers when he was still on the force. He said the Mount Juliet officer’s interaction was one thing that was done right.

    “The Mount Juliet officer that engaged with this person actually did a pretty good job. He personalized some things as it related to the suspect,” Collins said. “He did everything that you would do in a crisis such as this.”

    Even with that, Collins said in the time frame the incident happened, the one group that should have been there wasn’t.

    “I understood that they were engaged with this person at least 30 minutes. My first question was why didn’t they have someone that is absolutely trained for CIT or critical incident training that had this particular experience to talk to this person or tried to get this person to de-escalate,” Collins said. “In that particular time, I questioned why if you have 30 minutes, surely a SWAT team that might have been equipped with equipment like shotguns that shot beanbags, that would knock this person off their feet or do something to take the threat away.”
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    If he had been a protester and charged the police...they would have used their riot gear and then beat him down with their clubs.

    Had he tried to run...they could have used their taser but maybe every one of the police there didn't have tasers or everyone one of them had their tasers in repair/maintenance.
    • Police dogs may have been able to help but we don't want to injure animals.
    He could have held his hands up in surrender but I'm confident that they would have pretended he was resisting from being handcuffed and that would merit a knee on the neck, broken arm, punches to the head, head slammed on the highway cement until he yelled uncle.

    They could have used the shotgun to blow off one of his legs so that he could no longer run away but that may have resulted in a lawsuit.
    • Maybe used a police car as a battery ram to injure him into submission.
    I'm not being sarcastic with the above subdue techniques...I've seen them all used on Youtube without the Police firing a single shot but the police car being used as a battery ram I've seen used in person against some guy that robbed a street vendor in South Korea and he had a knife in his hand...the guy suffered a broken hip after the police car actually ran him over because the guy resisted arrest. :rolleyes:

    Here's the odd thing about the video...initial shots dropped the guy immediately. There's than a pause...two more shots occurred even after he was dropped...maybe because he "flinched" (people actually do twitch for a few seconds after unconscious) while down ???

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    Tony Stark

    Bean bag rounds,taser,pepper spray etc could have ended this without 1 bullet being fired.

    While they all should be convicted of murder imo the 2 cops who fired those last 2 rounds after he had already been shot multiple times and was on the ground was by far the worst.
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