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    A warning if any of you have kids. Do not, do not send them to a psychologist or psychiatrists on insurance. It black marks them as a mental health risk for life on their insurance. Pay cash or they are screwed. Even for something as simple as possible attention deficit disorder.
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    Old news dude, I've been dealing with this crap for 3 years. I ran out, hit the max on my coverage and have had to pay for everything out of pocket. It sucks, but it's also not as terrilbe and horrible as the media makes it out ot be. There are ways to get yourself taken care of.

how's the cancer going? Are you in remission? best of luck to you. Sorry you have to go through this shit.
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    I'm not so sure it's not as bad as the media makes it out to be. I ran into serious trouble with a major health insurer a few years ago. I won't go into details but suffice it to say, as soon as they received the summons to appear in court they made an immediate 180 degree turn and approved benefits. Health Insurance Companies are almost as bad as the Fed when it comes to sucking the life blood out of the population.

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    the problem I have is everyone thinks the solution is a nationalized, government sponsored solution.

    What makes anyone thinks that replacing the bureaucracy of the insurers with the bureaucracy of the government is a better solutions

    1) Insurance companies have to compete, the ones with shitty reps will get sued, regulated, prosecuted, and boycotted out of business

    2) You cannot sue, boycott or regulate the government. The government will make the same decisions as the insurers and even worse ones. They force rationing and scarcity for even the most basic services. I don't undestand how pissed everyone can be with the government for allowing 9/11, fucking up iraq, fucking up the economy, fucking up the Autos, fucking up the banks. But somehow some way they are going to get healthcare right? WTF.

    I have been without insurance and its a scary place but you manage, work out payment plans. I still would not want the government in charge.

    They can't find one 7ft tall saudi millionare with cancer in the mountains after sending 30000 troops, billions on intelligence we didn't know there no WMDs. We can't even unwind a single insurance company with out collapsing the entire world. But the government will have no problem ensuring we all get the medical attention we need. F that I would rather see a private Vetenarian then trust my life to a pencil pushing statist who was transferred over from the postal service.
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    Dental and health care in the US is incredibly cheap when you have cash. I pay way less for services than the copay and paycheck premiums for everything and in these tough times it's even cheaper. The providers can be way more straightforward with you too, they aren't pussyfooting around some insurance horse shit. A friend got an MRI for $25. She's incredibly good looking and impoverished with children too, she got their sympathy on that one, for me, capable white male... probably
    $150 or up...

    Do they demand id at the doctor's, I can't recall. Just don't give it to them and you have your medical privacy too...
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    Yes, an ID at the Doctor's office is required. This is for insurance reasons and also for controlled substances. I guess Big Brother wants to keep track of who is getting all that Vicotin :D

    And to the above post, I agree. A nationalized health care system will probably be a disaster but the Government does seem to do a decent job of managing Medicare. Watching the system go 100% public is a scary thought. It's hard to say what the best solution is but the current system does need to change. Japan seems to have a very successful system. Perhaps modeling the US's after theirs is the path that needs to be taken. More questions than answers....

    One thing is for sure, this pre-existing condition shit needs to be stopped. It doesn't come as a surprise that sick people need the most health care but sick people are exactly the ones who don't have access to health insurance. Putting the responsibility of paying benefits in the hands of a company that is hell bent on generating a profit is a huge, <b>HUGE</b> conflict of interest.

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    Not true where I live. The DRs in this area, for the most part, have no soul.

    If you do not have insurance, they charge you three times as much, I had no luck negotiating when I did not have insurance.

    This level of greed would shame even AIG.
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