Time to stock up on some cheap SPY?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by metatrader54, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. What do you guys think?
  2. padutrader


    when i use to trade stocks 50% retracement was quite common.

    but somewhere along the line everyone forgot about that.
  3. if your trying to catch the bottom forget it. But if your investing long term why not start 1 share at a time?
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  4. maxinger


    After you stock up, it might get even cheaper and cheaper.

    Why don't you trade?!
  5. NY_HOOD


    ask yourself this. do you think aaple, nvda, amzn, and a bunch of high flying chip stocks bottomed?
  6. padutrader


    i have no doubt that 2 years down the line everyone will be 'why the hell did markets fall like that?'
    however absurd it may seem this is normal market behavior

    markets behavior is very relative and that makes it so difficult to predict.

    but catching the bottom is of course difficult.

    but i do not see even one bottom.

    and even if the bottom was made yesterday there will be plenty of time to buy because no one is going to believe the bottom has been made.

    your buying cannot take the dow up 20000 points.

    others have to see what you have seen and they have to have the money to buy.

    liquidity is almost zero if not why would fed be giving money away for free
  7. kmiklas


    Are you trying to catch a falling knife?

    You realize that they just shut down New York effing City, along with pretty much every city across the globe.

    If you're going to buy into this market you'd better damn well have a cost-averaging plan in place.

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  8. Adude81


    Better buy that 1 share before Dozu888 skips his car payment and buys it first!
  9. Agreed AAPL is a stock i watch(trade) its still relatively near highs I will start buying and holding around 170-200(slowly) and it could still drop further but again these would be at least 8 year holds for my kids oldest in 4th grade. Im focused on trading SPY SPX options with a 100 point swings during the day it doesnt take much to make a money why risk it with stocks unless they are long term holds
  10. This man is right!!!!!! Trying to catch a bottom is just not worth it.

    I have $20k to buy stocks. I will pick 2 and buy in increments of 3.

    Stock A. $5k Monday. Another $5k I don't know

    Repeat for Stock B
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