Tokenized assets (like Crude for example)

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  1. The only one for crude I can find is CRUDE, trades only on

    Wondering why. Anyone have any experience with them?

    Tokenized assets seem to be a natural, but are slow in gaining traction it seems. Would think ICE would be all over it.

    Seems weird.
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    Tokenized assets are similar to CFDs which are illegal in the U.S.
    Crypto brokers tried providing stock based tokenized assets and were quickly shut down by regulators for trading a securities product without a license.
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  3. Illegal?

    LOL. I think I remember that dustup now that you mention it.


    Now I'm probably on another list.

    Thank you, btw
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    Yes, yes!! Trade the most volatile product in the most illiquid venue.

    Oh, you will will LEARN.
  5. But... this time it's different!
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    Average trader & oil , -


    Now they're about to kick off with tokenized.

    Good luck.
  7. Sorry. Should have put an age minimum on this thread.
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