Too many websites are informing you about cookies with those popups.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by OptionsOptionsOptions, Oct 19, 2021.

    • This is relatively new.
    • When you go to a website and you get those popups to inform you about cookies.
    • I find those very annoying.
  1. Overnight


    Just get a pop-up blocker?
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  2. ipatent


    Probably a new law in a big jurisdiction like the EU.
  3. CET


    I think it is their way to let you know they will be tracking you even though you have your browser set to tell them not to track you. Basically, if you use our site we are going to use tracking cookies.
  4. They've been legally obligated to do so due to new laws implemented in the EU, so you know which sites track you and then show you targeted ads.
  5. I like it that these pop ups keep me well informed whether a site is tracking me or not but what I really hate is when some sites don’t let you decline the permissions, either you have to accept it or can modify it. If you don’t accept these cookies, you can’t see the content. It’s unfair.
  6. It is. I mostly don't care, frankly, I am not too concerned about ads being targeted at me, as I got adblock on most of the time.
  7. Pezza


    I think it's a legal obligation to notify us, it is rather annoying though. I find it so strange though when you look something up and the next website has adverts for what you were looking for. It's all a bit big brother.