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    Wednesday, October 14 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM CT

    Learn actionable trading strategies from top experts at our online TopstepExpo!

    Join our FREE day-long educational webinar featuring exclusive content from some of the leading educators across the industry.

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    What You Will Learn:
    • How to make smarter trades
    • How to use “group think” to enhance trade probability
    • How to best scale a strategy to any time frame
    • High probability entry zones
    • How to place your stop the right way
    • And much more!
    The Agenda:

    11:00 AM CT - The Auction Process (John Hoagland & Dan Hodgman, TopstepTrader)

    12:00 PM CT - Achieve 1000 Ticks/Pips Per Month With Volume Profile Trading Method (Simon Jousef, TheTraderInstitute)

    1:00 PM CT - Fair Price Value Areas and How They Can Enhance Your Win Rate (Chuck Fulkerson, TradersArmy)

    2:00 PM CT - Using Order Flow to Qualify High Probability Trades (George Papazov, TradeProAcademy)

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