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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Topstep, Jan 4, 2017.

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    Post all your questions and comments about TopstepTrader here and get answered by a TopstepTrader Team Member. For timely questions please email us at
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  2. tray


    I am proud to say I just passed the 150k combine for TST.
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  3. Topstep

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    Hi Tray,
    Congratulations on passing your Trading Combine. Hope to hear about your progress in the next steps.

    Thanks and Trade Well!
  4. I don't have tried TopstepTraders free 2 week trial because:
    1. My swing trading strategy is not for day trading.
    2. The monthly fee is a barrier for "startup" traders to entry.
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  5. 1. Is TopStepTrader/Combine open to automated trading systems, or is it just for the discretionary traders?

    2. I keep hearing about the "2 week trial". I assume this refers to the "trial period" during which a trader must prove his/her "worth". That seems like a very short period of time. My system may not have had any trades at all during a given 2-week period.

    3. In lieu of a "combine", would you instead consider a longer-term, audited/verified account trading record, available on, say,
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  6. MrMuppet


    Hi Mr. Topstep. Are you able to help when it comes to become a member or leasing a seat on CME/CBOT?

    I mean once the trader receives a funded account and is able to scale up to 20 - 50 cars/click, a seat might make sense to get those exchange fees down...
  7. Xela


    No - it isn't that, at all.

    The trial period during which a trader must prove their "worth" is called a Combine, and follows the free 2-week trial (for those who choose to do a Combine, that is).

    The free trial is just to familiarise yourself with the platform, and so on. The demo trading you do for practice during the 2-week trial won't be looked at or assessed by TST at all.

    It may be that your trading system isn't suitable for TST funding. Although there's no compulsion to trade on any days you don't want to, it's perhaps going to work out expensive paying the monthly fee for a Combine if you can go 2 weeks without a trade arising? (Also, if you're holding positions, you'd want to be aware that TST trades can't be held "overnight" - though "overnight" has a technical meaning relating to CME closing for an hour and a bit, each day.)

    (Your other question is clearly only for TST to answer.)
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  8. speedo


    You shouldn't need help. The CME maintains a market for seats for sale or lease.
  9. MrMuppet


    well...leasing or purchasing seats is not like you going to wallmart for two cans of pabst blue ribbon. You have to post 2k non refundable and then your application gets reviewed. And if they like your face you have 30 days to buy or lease.

    Much easier to lease from a clearer who already has established relationships, especially when you're not an US citizen...but thanks for your comment anyways
  10. Topstep

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    Hi Nonlinear5,
    Thank you for reaching out to learn more about TopstepTrader! To answer your few questions:

    1.) When you are in the Trading Combine you may use automated systems or strategies.
    2.) Like @Xela said above the Free 14-day Trial is a great way to get comfortable with your platform, and TopstepTrader.
    3.) We do require that all traders pass the Trading Combine to earn a Funded Account, as we do need to evaluate all of our traders in today's market state.
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