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  1. deaddog


    Has anyone had any experience with Topsteptrader?

    Seem like a reasonably inexpensive way to find out if you are capable of being profitable futures trading.

    There is probably a catch I'm missing.
  2. Pekelo


    If you are referring to the 2 weeks free trial, then yes, it is reasonably priced... :)
  3. deaddog


    I was thinking that the subcription rate would only cost you that much in losses each month.

    No way you can lie to yourself about your stats:)
  4. Pipflow


    No experience with them.
  5. Hey guys- Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to help.

  6. 1) They do offer a well-defined/specific/transparent "opportunity" to anyone to become a funded trader. :)
    2) It's "inexpensive" as long as you can get funded "sooner rather than later". Otherwise, the cost of the combines can accumulate along with the time you put into it. :cool:
    3) There aren't any "catches". As long as you read AND fully understand each and every guideline/metric/parameter/rule/criterion on the website, there's nothing to be suspicious/wary/doubtful/cautious of. :D
    4) What remains to be "discovered" is how you'll react to circumstances as you advance day-by-day through the evaluation. People can respond in different ways to profit and loss, some good, some bad. :eek:
  7. Although I'm tired of their marketing and emails (yeah, I know I can stop subscribing), I'm convinced that their model and operation is legitimate.

    If you will succeed is another question.
  8. deaddog


    Why the different combines? Does one have to work their way thru the different levels?

    What is the procedure if one passes the $30,000 20 day combine?

    Does the size of the combine completed have anything to do with the size of account that might be available to trade live?

    Why the difference in price to take a combine? It’s a demo account is it not? The accounting should be the same, only the size of the trades will be different. Is there a benefit to the participant of taking the more expensive combines?
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    Deaddog, there were 5 different threads 100's of pages long that went over all this in detail. Not to mention every single question you asked in your post is answered directly on their website. Just use the search function in the upper right.
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    Not only hundreds of pages but a lot of discussion and opinions that are way off topic. thought it would be easier to get answers here.

    I've been on the TST web site and didn't find the answers to my specific questions. I'm sure they are there somewhere. Would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction.


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