[TopTrader}The Options Workbook Tony Saliba

Discussion in 'Trading' started by murray t turtle, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. This book is not as understandably as the option institute, 888options info.free.

    There is one small section in the book;
    1987 crash section which makes the book a worthwhile read/study:cool:

    I like his sharing with Jack Schwager his young trading nickname, which other traders insulted him with ''1 lot'':D

    Price is $39.77 plus 4.99 postage/insurance . 7 day inspection period. Book is in above average condition, i maked it with federal reserve green ink?+/ & blood red color ...................................... I may take 7or 8 working days to reply to emails. COD or personal or bank checks,money order are fine i dont use paypal.

    One disadvantage to buying liquid optionslike QQQ calls, even in a good 50 day uptrend ;
    it can be a profitable trade, but QQQ looks like it's about to downtrend @about $60, so,still lots of ways to lose money, even when mostly right. Not a prediction