Tort reform: An American Scandal

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    A few thousand trial attorneys enrich themselves at the expense of our healthcare system.

    By the way, those med mal courts are a joke, we have one in Ma, they set such a low bar that they almost always (90%+) find for the plaintiff and on the rare occasion when they don't all the plaintiff's attorney needs to put up is a $6K bond that they get back even if they lose the case.
  2. AMBULANCE CHASER is a term with a CONNOTATION that indicates all YOU want to know about lawyers who are the SCUM of the earth.

    If there is a LOWER life form than the AMBULANCE CHASING John Edwards who made his fortune in "personal injury" I CANNOT imagine it.

    President Hillary would have been better for the DEMOCRATS than President Barry and the SCUMBAG JOHNNY EDWARDS kept it from being so.

    I do KNOW NOTHING about your PHONEBOOK but in my PHONEBOOK the YELLOW PAGES our dominated by FUCKFACED POS lawyers looking to prosper from lying, cheating and doing whatever takes to suck money from BIG POCKETS by playing the VICTIM card whether there TRULY be a victim or not.

    The wisdom of Shakespeare was uttered in ONE written line, FIRST YOU KILL ALL THE LAWYERS.
  3. Bad tax structure and legal largess
    are the two main factors which have to be rectified before the US can be truly competitive with BRIC....
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    Why dont doctors just stop committing malpractice if they do not want to get their corrupt asses sued.

    Johnny Edwards is a better person than 99% of DRs.
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    Don't get me started on John Edwards. At least his political career is over so we won't be seeing his smiling narcissistic SOB face on tv anymore.
  6. Let me ask you a question would you sue a doctor if you are happy with the care you received and feel healthy and in great shape ? No of course. Those who sue sue for a reason, the frivolous lawsuits are few and far between. Do some people sue for "ridiculous" amounts, maybe . Because of the lawyers and because people are greedy in America, on th eother hand no amount of money can bring back your health.

    In the end this is another reason why there should be along private care a public system, run by the government or some non profit organization such as in the UK for example . So doctors do not have an incentive to do procedures that are not necessary
    (like they have now) and the cost of their mistakes made in "good faith" would be taken care of by the govt , irresponsible or incompetent doctors (and there are like in any other profession a fair amount of them ) would be out the door quickly.
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    Yeah, "free" MONEY!

    I can only describe this as self delusion such as if you don't like reality, just pretend it's not there.

    Maybe? MAYBE?
  8. I wonder if you could just pay the dr with a credit card and then if the services were not rendered correctly have the cc comp just deny the payment. It can be done with every other service.

    Really, in all other service/goods industries, if you don't deliver what you said, you don't get paid.

    Now, if they chop off the wrong arm or something, well, they should owe somthing, maybe have a fine and lose the medical license forever.

    What happens if your plumber f's up and floods your house? The exact same procedure should follow for medical services, either they are professionals or not. If they just work hocus pocus...and get lucky sometimes...

    In oil, if you blow up someone due to negligence or even a bad idea or faulty implementation, your done, likely your company is damaged too.