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  1. anyone else having issues with TOS lagging?
    I have a top of the line desktop, fully customized with plenty of memory, etc and only use it for trading so it's not cluttered with other programs.

    I run 4x - 4k 32'' monitors on it.

    TOS as of the past few months has been lagging almost daily when performing certain actions. For Example:

    1. Cancelling orders when on Active Trader. The window that pops down asking if you want to confirm cancelling the orders pops down veeeery slow. It's not an instant window popping up. It takes maybe 1-2 seconds to slowly pull down to where it's viewable.

    2. Sometimes when changing names for a chart it takes a few seconds to 5 seconds for the chart to switch. It will go blank, then autopopulate the new name chart seconds later.

    That is just two examples. There are others that aren't coming to mind now.
    Anyone having issues and found a fix to speed up TOS platform / fix these issues?
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    Briefly, what computer rig are you working with?
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  4. It's an iBuyPower rig - windows 10, GeForce RTX 3060-Ti 8gb, 500gb SSD, 32gb DDR4-3200 memory, intel core i7 CPU i think
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    Krikey, that should do the job.
    To know, Start, right click Computer, click Properties.
  6. Yeah, it's not my computer it's the TOS system that is using a shitload of memory and i can't figure out how to make it 'lighter'? if that's the way to put it. Maybe it's just the TOS program that uses massive amount of system resources? I've used StreetSmart Edge and E-Trade's platforms also and haven't had these kind of lag issues like i'm having with TOS.
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    Which version of Windows 10? 32-bit or 64-bit? Be honest, and then look to your TOS software and see which version of that you are running. There is a bottleneck somewhere.

    I cannot imagine what the hell traders are doing to their machines that drop-down menus will take 5 seconds to appear. I simply don't get it. Is TOS a FPS like Call of Duty that requires tons of video memory which needs a 90 FPS framerate to look smooth, or is it just charts that update once per second?

    I just don't get it. There's a memory leak somewhere. Has to be.
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    try clicking memory clearup.
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    the long tail of shitty microsoft software strikes again
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    TDA runs faster on my M1 Macs than on an i9 windows machine, however, TDA runs like absolute shit on an Intel Mac. Amazing considering it's using Rosetta2 to translate.
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