Tradestation v.10 How to change font size in Trade Bar?

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  1. Hi,

    Fonts for lot of apps within TS.10 are very small , specially i need to increase font size
    for Trade bar window. I tried a lot, and can't believe it isn't there ..

    Fyi, i'm using Dell LCD P2414H monitor , and windows 7 and resolution set to 1920 X 1080.

    I was told by TS representative to right click on TS icon, and on compatibility tab change setting ...please help . Thank you :(
  2. this is how fonts looks like now ...effing small Tradestation.PNG
  3. No one knows how to do this ? Or it can't be done ?
  4. Any knows how to do it?
  5. Zor_Champ


  6. Right click on the desktop TS Icon, select Properties, Compatability, Change high DPI Settings. Set it to Application, see if that helps.

  7. Thank you for help, yes I did that already as TS agent told me, but still no difference, because there should be some font size adjustment within TS application itself ...

    if it isn't there, i can say tradestation 10 is big failure because it's not eye friendly at all. I look IB TWS, at least looks great.
  8. Unfortunately, there is not. At least not yet. I'm told themes will be available at some point. You can download and use 9.5. Much different look, many find it easier to read. Function is mostly the same.
  9. thanks for tips , i will diffidently do that if that's the case ... If you have ver 9.5, once you install ver. 10, can you still keep ver. 9.5?
  10. You can have both on your PC and run either. Not both at the same time.
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