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  1. My thread for trading ideas. Trades are mainly options on momentum stocks and ETFs. Trades are either BULL, BEAR, or NEUTRAL and short term, usually not longer than 6 months.

    stocks watch list:




    TLT, TBT
  2. AA @$14.43, trade idea 12/11/09

    outlook, bull to neutral

    time frame, about 6mo or longer

    strat, DITM longer term (LT) call, build a position, collect premium, reinvest in the trade

    t/a, (later)

    problemos? how will div and e/r affect the trade? e/r 11, jan

    protection, (later) (DITM LT call provides some risk reduction vs long stock position)

    exit, (?)

    bto jan (2011) 10C $530/540
    sto jan (2010) 16c $32/34

    sell jan 11/12.5 p $7/8, $22/33, ($14/136), 10%
  3. Trade idea
    Date: 12/21/09
    Price: 111.33
    Almanac: End of Yr. favorable
    Strategy: Bull Put Spread
    T/A Support: 109
    Time forTrade: 4 wks
    BTO: JAN 104 PUT @ .47/.49
    STO: JAN 106 PUT @ .67/.70
    Net Credit: .18
    At Risk: 1.92 (2.00-.18)
    Margin Gain: 9%
    % OTM: 4.5%
  4. Trade review
    With SPY close at $114.62 today, 1/13/10, looks pretty safe to just let the trade expire on fri 15 and keep all premium.
    It would take a 7% drop to hit the short strike.
    Will add for the future almanac, "end of year AND start of new year favorable"
  5. AA trade review
    The vertical jan 11/12.5p expired at $0.

    The way the cal spread turned out kinda confirms my thought that trades on stocks rather than ETFs are too risky. Especially around earnings, which was on 1/11.
    AA traded to a high of $17.60 on mon 1/11, and closed at $15.63 on fri 1/15, OPX.
    Today thu 1/28, close is $12.92, the jan 2011, $10 call is $380/395
    I was looking for a stock under $20, and in some resource related area to build a longer term position in, using a DITM option in place of the stock.

    I think for now I will concentrate on the vertical spreads on ETFs.

  6. trade review sat jan 30
    trade did expire at $0, SPY $110.21
    also an error in the "At Risk", 1.82, not 1.92
    Margin Gain 10%
    Date: 2/12/10
    Price: 36.31
    Almanac: favorable
    Strategy: Bull Put Spread
    T/A Support: 34
    T/A: rsi 21, macd 12 26 9
    Near term target: 40
    Time forTrade: 5 wks
    BTO: MAR 30 PUT @ 15/16
    STO: MAR 33 PUT @ 44/47
    Net Credit: .29
    At Risk: 2.71
    Margin Gain: 10%
    Probability: (approx) 90%
    % OTM: 3.3%
    Volatilty: OVX @ 36.04
  8. re USO trade idea

    with the long holiday week end and todays rally, a lot of steam has come out of the proposed BPS MAR 30/33 P.

    went from .29 to .17, USO @ $37.70

    if put on now, trade would be a 6% ROM, approx 94% prob, still looks interesting, not as good as last Fri!
  9. re USO trade idea

    USO had a good week, Fri 19 eod $39.09.

    Move was too quick to get on board with the BPS MAR 30/33 P.
    Went from .39 on Fri 12, to .07 on Fri 19.
  10. trade idea Mon 22

    SPY eod $111.16

    BPS Mar 102/105P @ .25/2.75, 9%rom

    short strike 5% OTM

    t/a support, 106
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