trading overnight futures?

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  1. There's a lot going on overnight these days. And arguably, it can be easier to trade overnight sessions. The price action is a lot cleaner imo, but the liquidity is still there, at least for smaller lot sizes. Curious to get others thoughts.
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    The overnight session can be as active as the day regarding price-action moves. The times you look for moves is basically 8 PM, 9 PM, 10 PM, and 1-2 AM, all times Eastern US. And then the dreaded 8 AM to Wall Street market open. Sometimes that really kicks ass, or kicks your ass. Like today! hehe
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  3. maxinger


    I guess you mean trading futures during Asian and European sessions too.
    The markets are open almost 24x7

    These sessions are very tradable.
    Asian/european/US index futures,
    gold/copper/oil futures, bonds, currencies
    etc etc do move during these sessions
  4. do those correlate to overseas markets? can you elaborate why they're generally more volatile?
  5. Overnight


    Yes, those are the Asian and Euro market pre-open and opening times, in general.
  6. are you looking closely at the EOD close of those market indices as indicators to help you gauge sentiment for how /es might move during those times? or setting up your play beforehand, and either it takes you out quick, or takes you on a nice ride.
  7. comagnum


    The extended session lows when the market conditions are favorable for a big rally often print at the Japan or China open, or the Euro pre-open.

    I think Overnight has figured this out since he has the right times.
  8. Overnight


    In this current market environment, with bond yields dancing the watusi, nothing is sure on how ES might move, during any time. Nothing is normal this year. Look at the 6PM open tonight. This is not normal market velocity at this time of day.
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    Geez the boys couldn't let me eat my dinner in peace tonight, new LOD's (or more like LONight's) alarms going offfff bada bing bing.
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    More "new lows".
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