trading overnight futures?

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    I find that the times you mentioned are easier to trade than the market openings. But a couple of hours after opening, things are getting smoother and easier to trade. The last 30 minutes are also quite profitable to trade most of the days. I also trade the UK/FTSE and DAX/German 30 opening and closing. These are usually less volatile than the US indices. I live in Switzerland - 6 hrs ahead of EST.
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    Feels a lot harder to fill a resting order overnight than in the day session, but otherwise the overnight's can get pretty interesting before open
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  3. maxinger


    trading overnight futures


    trading US index futures during
    Asian or European session /
    trading Asian index futures during US or European session /
    trading European index futures during Asian or US session.
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  4. How did this work out last night?
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    Nobody will answer that question if it goes badly for them. Only if it goes good. This is a guarantee.
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    Badman, Which post you referring to? Asia has a beautiful downdraft from 8 - 9 PM EST Thursday. Freakin Delightful. Better than the cleaners, it was 'in by 8, out by 9, beat the cleaners by 7 hours. not too shabby.
    Who'se Hungry?
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  7. I developed an algo that predicts the EU Indices prices based on the DOW Volatility in real-time. The correlation is a multiple of up to 1.5 of the DOW's volatility, so what you say does not match what I see.
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    Ou est ce qu'on peut trouver ton al
    J'en ai besoin
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    As someone who's been trading Globex pretty consistently the past 6 months my first impulse is to tell you that it's slower, easier to handle, and that you can be consistent. But, my journaling shows otherwise.

    The overnight sessions less Germany and London open are really just noise and in my opinion it's a lot of programs out looking for liquidity. Yes, there are sessions that are fruitful, but the more i trade the more it gets reinforced that the less time spent in the market, the better.

    If you trade anything during Globex have it be the 18:00 open and the London open at 3 A.M EST. Everything else is just noise and incredibly frustrating.
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