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  1. Hi traders,
    If anybody has alreaday traded with us (Practice/Qualifying/Funded Session) and would like to share their genuine experience, welcome to this thread!

    We are a growing company and one of our key benefits is that we always listen to the trading commuinity. We aim to make the process of getting you funded the INDUSTRY BEST. I'm sure we are well on the way there in many ways.

    All your opinions get reviewed fast. And even Volfix platform trading features requests get fulfilled as fast as we can.

    P.S. We have asked our users for a genuine review, hence many replies will be from the users who just got registered in the forum. Thank you for your understanding.

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  4. Hello!

    I'm Alexander, independent trader. Trade only in prop company's, i have extensive experience working with them. Today I’ll try to qualify in LMI. Took account 150k.
    I've already passed their selection through a competition once, but the account turned out to be too small for an allowable drawdown.
    The first thing I want to say is support is very fast. Let's see what will happen in the future.

    My trading style: Scalping, intraday. CL - NQ

    Day 1.
    +2651 $
    Trade only NQ today.
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    Hi AlexnderKA,
    (no irony with my question). If you are in independent trader, with an extensive experience, and comfortable enough to trade with a 150K account, why do you feel the need the work for a prop firm?
    This is very intriguing to me.
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    My Indicators are exclusive to Ninja trader
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  8. Hi Fonz!

    Initially, I tried to trade on my capital, but it didn’t work for me. If you can earn money on the market without risking your capital, why not?
    Yes, it's longer, but it disciplines you.
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    Hi Guys i am Maciej and am in the qualification for a funded account from LMI. The LMI qualification program forces me to abide by the rules and develop myself as a day trader. It shows me my weaknesses and also strengths in trading. It is recommended for anyone who likes challenges, it's different trading at a different level than most private traders are. In my opinion when one can trade in LMI, he will probably succeed in being a successful trader everywhere. Try it out.
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    LMI is for me the best prop company ,and i hope soon to pass a combine !
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