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  1. Hello trader,

    I'm olivier, independent trader. Trade only in LMI INVEST.

    I am in phase 2 of qualification.

    I like several things in the Lmi program compared to other prop firms.

    Trade on the Eurex exchange

    The volfix platform at a reduced price, and exchange fees very low compared to the competition.

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  2. AJTrading


    Hi Trader‘s,

    want say that LMI is a very good company
    The account opening works very fast, the prices for qualifying sessions are clear without any other fees.The LMI support is always good and quick response.

    Andreas Jobst
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  3. Hi guys. Some time ago, I traded Practice Session, but unfortunately I did not fulfill the conditions. I’m not upset, as this is the first acquaintance with the company and the trading platform. I noticed no negative moments. Practice Session was opened at my desired time and without delay.
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  4. pattrick


    Hey colleagues!!
    All you'll see in my post is only my opinion, experience and feedback of communicating with LMI.
    in the beginning was Volfix. On this platform i was creating my trading strategy and training in trading Futures(GC and CL). To my mind that's the best platform for me and for my preferences. Cause i trade intraday, use clusters (foot-print), delta, volumes. And this platform has tons of instruments and possibilities for trader.
    After that i was looking for a prop-company for communication. And i was pleasantly surprised when found out that LMI closely communicates with Volfix and has the most attractive conditions for traders who are looking for prop.
    I already had 1 try, but made some mistake with my strategy. Took pause for a 1-2 month and now plan to make the 2nd try with LMI. But what i've found out during the 1st try - support. It was great. All my questions were resolved rather quickly. Аnd even to controversial questions the answer was received in my favor. I think that's great.
    Would i recommend LMI to my friends? Already done :)
    Good luck guys!!
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  5. Mattes805


    Yeahh ..... I have tested lmi and was very happy. Good support and quick feedback. I wasnt happy with my last prop and wanted to change them. Now I am funded with lmi and will stay funded because of the cool online risktool.
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  6. Hello everyone, I’m Fedor, I live and trade from Mother Russia.

    We have a very high dollar exchange rate and therefore have to work through prop companies because there is a relatively low entry threshold. I have been familiar with LMI since the very opening, I consider it one of the best at the moment. Passed a sufficient number of selections, some were obtained, some were not, but in any case there were no questions about working through this company.

    Yesterday, for example, we managed to win the competitive selection held by the LMI company together with its ambassador / colleague (I don’t know what to call correctly) an Vladom aka CL-trade. Prize - 50K Practice Session. I'm happy as an elephant!

    1) Operational support
    2) Prices are at or lower than competitors
    3) Platform Volfix
    4) Contests that allow you to win from discounts to full selection

    There are no cons. Someone may not like that only one platform is given for work, but believe me - it is more than enough. Experienced traders I know use the basic software from a broker, and use third-party platforms for analysis. And make good money.


    P.S. I apologize for the clumsy text - translated using Google translator.
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  7. Dmytro N

    Dmytro N

    Hello to all!
    My attempts to attend the Practice Session unfortunately failed. I could not control the drawdown limit. But I do not lose hope and will try again. I like the terms of the selection.

    D. N.

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  8. Good afternoon! I am a private, novice trader. Not so long ago I tried to pass the Practice Session from LMI. I must say that passing the stage is not so simple. When passing the Practice Session, you must strictly observe the risks when trading. This stage forms in the trader clear trading rules, which favorably affects his perception of the market. I hope that in the future I can go through all the stages. I can recommend this company for cooperation.
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  9. Desire


    Hi guys!
    I am familiar with this company, I really liked the work of those support, if any questions arise they answer very quickly, I went through the Practice Session stage and switched to Qualifying Session, but unfortunately I did not pass the selection, because I violated the rules of the company, I will try again and I recommend everyone to try their hand
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  10. All hi))) there passed the combine on 10K Recently and is very happy, to those that I was given an opportunity on good conditions to trade on the real account))) I consider the LMI Team the best in trade conditions in comparison with other prop the companies.

    Igor Popov
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