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  1. domark


    I like LMI. Passed the selection of Practice Session, everything was perfect! They gave the platform for the selected period. I'm really glad that found this company. I will definitely continue to work with them and recommend it to everyone! LMI - a ray of light in the trading world.
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  2. Hello folks,

    after years of trading my own hard earned capital and with not getting the results I wanted to see I made a change in the formula and decided to trade the capital of a prop company. But by researching this topic I noticed that there were many opportunities to choose and the first question that needed to be answered were which fincancial instruments I wanted to trade. I felt that I needed more information to trade the markets properly and under these circumstances my decision was to trade futures. I compared many of all well known prop trading companies and chose lmitrading because every question that I could have asked while trading has been answered before I even was trading their challenge. Also the software Volfix seemed more appealing to me and as I was trading with it the information access was congruent with my expectations I had for the right software.
    Unfortunately I wasn't able to reach the trading targets due to bad risk management and saw that my trading psychology needed some improvements. On the other hand I was able to more than double the test account.

    My strategy is based on the gaussian normal distribution and confirmation signals to finally enter the market.
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  3. bigbot


    Hello to all. I'm Sergei. I participated in the Practice Session, but unfortunately I could not pass it. I got a lot of experience and am now preparing for a new practice in LMI!
    LMI is the best company! Affordable prices, very good conditions, and a super platform Volfix!
    I recommend everyone to try yourself in prop trading.
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  4. pavlik


    The best company !!! This is an honest company, and I really like it. I tried to go through the selection everything is cool and the platform for trading volfix for the duration of the Practice Session for free is the best support there is something to compare support on in lmi answer and also help to solve problems all clearly and quickly. Thanks LMI for supporting traders.
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    Where did my post go?
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    We are an English speaking website, so if you would like to post please do so in English.
    Thank you.
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  7. denis5


    Hello to everyone, participated in a practice from LMI. Decided to try for the sake of interest, whether it is real everything, turns out everything is real and time is enough to pass the practice, the company answers all emerging questions, excellent company, break up with free time and again I will take selection. LMI companies good and prosperous!
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  8. Andrew_V


    Hello! I participated in the LMI selection. I would like to say a few words about this. Firstly, the company provides the best platform for trading and volume visualization - Volfix. Second, I did not experience any difficulties with the execution of orders. Third, they have very fast and high-quality technical support. I went through practice, but failed with qualifications. I will try again only in LMI. Good luck to all!
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  9. Hi Guys I am Alexander, independent trader. I already had 1 Practice Session this August, but made some mistake with my trading. In October I plan to make the 2nd try with LMI.

    My first attempt showed me weaknesses in my strategy, namely the psychological aspects. I made serious preparations for the second attempt.

    I want to note the very good support of LMI, the excellent trading platform Volfix.

    I recommend LMI to all my friends.
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  10. Alex79


    Hi there, I glad to have an opportunity to trade with LMI, personally I consider this prop company is the Best for nowadays, and I believe there are no any other prop company on the market who could offer a better conditions to trade!
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