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  1. Volfix pull back poc-1,
    accumulation of sellers and output of this box gives a nice break out seller = + 10 target tick short poc -1.png poc -1 tp +10 tick.png
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  2. Shaiber


    Hi traders!
    Not the first time, but still qualified and got a real account and trade on the Funded Session.
    I have no complaints about working with the company.
    Of course, I would like to change some rules, but even with them you can make money.
    Try yourself as a trader, follow the strategy, discipline and you will get what you came for.
    The company also holds contests where you can get a free Practice Session.
    Good luck!
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  3. Hello!!
    How did I qualify for a prop company.

    I decided to share my selection experience in the prop company))). My syllable is not a writer’s one, so accept my “paper scandal” as it is. Having played enough on Forex, I decided that it was time to become an “adult”)) boy and began to consider opportunities for trading futures. Since you can’t come to Chicago with a hundred bucks, and there are not so many of your own, I began to consider options for prop. Firstly, this is experience, and secondly, the opportunity to get into management an amount that many beginners simply do not have.

    Under consideration were the well-known TopstepTrader TST, Delta Discovery Group (DDG), LibertyI Market Investment (LMI) and OneUP Trader. The last prop from the list was rejected due to the absence of at least any positive reviews (maybe I was looking badly). TST recently tightened the screws and too (in my opinion) raised the bar for profit, in DDG I did not understand some conditions, and the percentage of possible payments was not pleasing.

    Stopped at LMI. The prices for passing the selection are approximately comparable to TST, but the bar for profit is much lower. I decided to try my hand from the bottom and got the most democratic MINI selection, costing 80 bucks and the ability to get as much as 10,000 “evergreens” in control. After all, you have to start with something)).

    So, let's go, the selection has been paid, access to the full version of Volfix has been obtained (trading is carried out only on this platform), 300 bucks are drawn per day and the maximum trawl is 500, profit target is 600. Easy jitters, several entrances to intuition (it’s never fails)) and after a few days I fly out, because I violated the rules. Biting my lips and thinking it over, I decided to reset it for $ 50, because I still have time to go through the selection, and the reset cost is less than buying a new selection. And cheers - good luck, I went through the first stage of selection and got 15 days to go through the second stage of “qualification”. Honestly, I filled the required amount in one day, and 4 days just kicked the system under the table, doing one deal a day, since the minimum number of days for trading at this stage is 5. Hooray, it happened, I passed the selection! !! Some formalities - an agreement with LMI has been received and signed. Everything, I’m a superstar and from Monday a new life will begin, everything is like in advertising - money by the river, a snow-white yacht and your own island in the ocean. However, reality kicked in my stomach and less than three full days passed, as I merged on my account so desired. Merged by stupidity, as they say - "incontinence" (((

    The moral of this parable is that it’s not enough to go through the selection and get an account for management, you also have to stay on it.
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  4. Hello dears! I'm Dmitry from Tula, with the company LMI familiar recently, but I know that they care about new and always in touch for experienced traders. He took from the side-50K(Practice Session), but has not coped with emotions. Huge them thank you for contests which they spend and generous gifts.
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  5. Ddima10


    Hello, I want to leave my review about LMI, an excellent company with normal prices. Here you can learn how to trade and manage money. I also want to say about support react very quickly changed the password in a minute I advise everyone
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    Hello, colleagues!
    I would like to provide feedback on this LMI company.
    I took part in this Practice Session company and regularly participate in competitions. There is NO claim to the company! Their obligations are fulfilled properly. Excellent and transparent trading platform VolFix. Responsive support.
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  7. 0xsheff


    Hi there! I'm Vadim, and for some time I’m already learning to trade. I like LMI because they have very good trading conditions, and, its important for me, they provide the full version of the Volfix platform for the duration of the trading combine, so I don’t have to buy it separately.
    And sometimes they do contests for traders with good prizes and conditions. This is interesting because each participant can trade publicly and see the trade of other guys
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  8. KevinGER


    Hello I am Kevin from Germany.
    I already have good experience with Liberty Market Investment, the support is very friendly and answers quickly when asked.
    I have not yet completed the practice session, I have exceeded the daily loss limit.
    I have detected my mistakes and will start a new start with LMI.
    It is important to recognize his mistakes and to learn from them and not just give up =)

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  9. AVM


    Hello, I am Alexander from Rostov-on-Don, Russia.
    I will add my feedback on working with the LMI company.
    I’ve been trying to get into financed traders for a long time. He started with TST, even received funding there. Safely leaked the provided account. Further, fate turned so that he drew attention to the LMI and I liked it. Very good conditions, at the moment I consider them the best available. And the best part is the technical support work. They try to resolve any issues (which they can of course) in favor of their client. It happened to me several times. Many thanks to them for this.

    One of the recent stages Practice Session
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  10. LarsM.


    Hi Guys. Some time ago I started a trial at LMI and unfortunately did not fulfill the conditions. I will start a new attempt and I am optimistic. but unfortunately I did not meet the conditions. Together with Volfix everything is very clear and runs smoothly. I am satisfied with the response to questions and help. Can I recommend so far so far. Best regards L.M
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