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    Every positive review actually looks like a put-up job. It's either the very first of second(at best) posting. Suspect, I'm not the only one to figure that out - definitely painting the tape.
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  2. Hey, I’m Ivanna! I’ve recently started qualifying for LMI prop company at Practice Session. I wish to share my impressions.

    What I liked
    - Volfix mobile platform. Very relevant for me as I have to trade from my IPhone during the breaks in my main work. So far, among all the mobile terminals I’ve ever tried this one takes the second place in terms of speed and comfort (right after mt5 mobile version).
    - also liked that it hasn’t got the Weekly loss limit thing. It allows flexible trading.
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    Hey. My experience with LMI has already been going on for 6 months, without any complaints. Good support is quick to resolve all issues. A nice bonus especially for novice traders is the Volfix program for free at all stages. Thanks to the rules, I very well raised the discipline and trading technique.
    My Qualifying Session Result 2019-09-26_0-45-30.png
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    why are all these Post new people with 1 post and only 1 minute apart..
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    Its crazy. all new people new post and most were 1 minute apart
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    @Magna, this thread has a problem.
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    Wow. Just wow. What a circle jerk.
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  8. No wonder there are many reviews at the moment. We asked our users to support us by sharing their experience. But all reviews are genuine - we guarantee that.

    To all who doubts - just re-read the reviews. You will see people mentioning our competitors in their stories all the time. Do you think we would do that if we wanted to play unfair?

    All reviews are different, but equally important. Thanks for all who shared!
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  9. I have already passed the selection in the company LMI(Practice Session). This allowed me to understand my main current problems. LMI regularly holds contests for traders on a free basis. I thought it was useful for me to participate in these contests. During these contests, company specialists conduct market analysis and review the deals of bidders. The platform that the company provides for trading has convenient reports and ratings of traders. I consider the conditions for the selection process to LMI to be the best on the market for these services.
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    One opportunity to make a first impression and you painted the tape.
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