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  1. ??? There is something forbidden here... I'm interested in the opinion of others about LMI
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  2. Hi Guys i am TIM and am participated in phase Practice . The LMI company is constantly developing holds interesting tournaments. The support team is very professional and quick to answer questions. All advise this prop firm. Try it out.
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  3. maxinger


    it might be the record.

    suddenly lots of ET newbies.

    This reminded me of my trading coaches who have tons and tons and tons of great reviews by students.

    I actually wanted to explore LMI further but now I am scared because of tons of ET newbies. post #1 looks great but remaining posts were scary.
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  4. VladimirT


    LMI is a very good prop company. One of the best in the world. LMI uses a very cool and super convenient terminal Volfix. I highly recommend this company all my friends traders are happy working with them.
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  5. ETJ


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  6. Hello dear traders!
    I want to share with you the experience of cooperation with LMI. I can say that this is the best company that I have met. Excellent conditions, low commissions, regular tournaments with good prizes for participants. Operational technical support. In general, a company takes care of its traders. I wish LMI further development and prosperity.
    Best regards, Alexey. P
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  7. Ak7373


    Hi all. I am on the stage 2 (Qualification). I have traded with TST ,OneUp and LMI and can compare them all. Trading conditions are better in LMI. When you pass stage 1, you'll get one month of subscription for free to pass Qualification. Exchange fees for funded traders are 5 $ for each one(not 100$!), trailing drawdown is calculated on a basis of end of the day balance. They offer only one plattform but it has all things needed for trading. Reports, community, trading module and so on. I had no complaints for all the time with them
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  8. masfreeon


    Hello! I want to share with you my impressions of working with LMI. Despite the fact that this is a relatively young company, it has already managed to gain confidence. Excellent conditions and quality support! They will tell everyone, they will help with everything. And they hold free contests several times a month. Participation in competitions is free, and the prizes are real. So far I can’t go beyond Practice Session (discipline and discipline again), but I try and think that I will soon be among the funded traders. LMI Thank you for the best conditions in the industry. Success and prosperity!
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  9. Ak7373


    Hi. The company has informed their traders about registration on and asked for reviews....any reviews not positive but real. What the problem do you see here? TST asked for reviews in and it's not a problem at all i think
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  10. Barell


    Hi Guys
    My name is Alex, I am a trader from Belarus.
    My nickname on the Volfix platform is Barell.
    I won one of the contests held by LMI.
    As a result, I was given a gift - the first stage of selection for a prop company.
    However, my trade failed completely.
    Many thanks to LMI for the competitions and the real opportunity to receive a valuable gift, as well as gain experience in trading in extreme conditions.
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