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  1. kalle171


    Hi Guys, in my opinion LMI is the best opportunity to test yourself if the trading business is for you. Keep the rules, stay in and earn money! Sounds so easy.......i am still fighting.
    Thanks LMI for showing me that i am not ready at the moment.
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  2. DannyB


    LMI Market is the best Company ever. I tried „other“ Companies but LMI is the best.
    Its good to be here. Thank u all at LMI you are great!
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  3. Jestem


    I'm new to this forum, too,
    the company asked for a review of its work.

    Several times passed Practice Session (10K Mini) - did not gain profit.
    Now I improve my trading system, work with psychology.
    Thanks to the participation in Practice Session revealed shortcomings in the trading process and behavior.
    I work on their elimination.

    As for the company itself, everything works without any complaints:
    - Easy payment.
    - clear, understandable conditions.
    - the best profit distribution in the industry (80 percent of profit is taken by the trader).
    - friendly support. Even offered to discuss the mistakes made after the end of the stage.
    - Stable Volfix platform.

    One more important point which is pleasant at LMI - they spend competitions in which it is possible to estimate really the forces and to understand "in a correct direction I move".
    And constant contests are a good sign that the prop company is looking for stable traders.

    I grind my trading system and in a month I want to test my trading skills again on Practice Session.
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  4. I'm glad I met this company.
    Saved a lot of money on training.
    Reached the Qualifying Session - but something went wrong in my trading decisions ))).
    I continue to trade with the LMI company - I'm sure I will succeed !!!
    Good luck to all !!!
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  5. Good company, you can cooperate. I took part in the Practice Session in September 2019, but I did not have enough time. I will try again.
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  6. unkas


    hi, my acquaintance with LMI began with tournaments conducted by the company and its partners. I did not take prizes, but looking at the results of my trade, I realized that you can try to qualify. I passed Practice Session by 10k, but exceeded the daily loss limit. He paused to ponder the mistakes and make adjustments to his trade. I plan to qualify this year. I didn’t have any problems while working with the company, everything works as it should, it’s well organized, support responds quickly. I connect my near future only with LMI, I hope I can make money for myself and the company
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  7. GuyCL



    Im all for a good company, and perhaps you asked happy clients to post a review. Theres nothing wrong with that if your company is good. It doesnt look good that they were a minute apart on most.
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  8. Jestem


    As I understand - newbie posts in premoderaton mode. That's why they showed up at the same time.
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  9. migfx


    Hi traders. My name is Vladimir. I have known LMI almost from the very beginning of its work. Several times I tried to pass the selection of mini. But my trading discipline sometimes let me down and therefore always ended in failure. In this company, technical support works very well, quickly and correctly. Competitions are also held regularly. The VOLFIX platform is very progressive and simple. I believe that a prop company is suitable for someone who is trying to start making money on CME. The prescribed rules act as a risk manager and develop discipline in the trader. Further cooperation in prop trading, I see only with this company. Below I will attach a screen of my attempts.
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  10. Hello.

    I participated in the Practice Session, but unfortunately I could not pass it.
    My accout was Medium.I think it is the best size to Follow the Scaling Plan on Qualifying Session.

    I can recommend LMI.
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