TradingView on Black Friday pricing

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  1. For anyone who uses TradingView, every year they do a black friday sale and annual subscriptions get quite the discount:

    Anyone on an existing annual subscription can add the 13 months renewal to the end of their expiry if they want to take advantage of the black Friday pricing.

    I just picked up a Pro+ renewal, and have been doing this for years now during the black Friday sale. (You never have to pay full price if you keep renewing an annual subscription on black Friday.) Totally worth it..
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  2. Do you know whether Black Friday is the only time of year when Tradingview has a sale? My premium subscription still runs till June next year.

    If I remember correctly I did exactly as described here and got 50% off just 5 months ago.

  3. jharmon


    Wow - what a way to anger your clients who paid full price a month earlier.
  4. If you grab the black friday sale now, they will add the time onto your existing subscription.
  5. Or they give 50% discount any time of the year after a trial or after my regular subscription runs out. I don't see much of a benefit of this particular sale. I also doubt they can sell their product for more than 50% off their quoted regular price. People don't pay 80 dollars a month for a product when competitors charge half all the time. Only insanely badly informed people would pay regular price for this product, as much as I like tradingview.

  6. The sale price is 60% off if you're getting the Premium plan via this sale, better than 50% though gaming their retention plans.
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    Business plan seems to be "charge suckers full price", let suckers extend their subscription at discount rate if they spend more $$$.

    There's a reason you don't see companies with quality products with such discounts - they understand the (perceived) value of their product and charge accordingly.

    Black Friday discounts are the trailer trash of marketing methods!
  8. Can't agree more. But when you still need to choose from a universe of crappy products you need to take what is on offer.