TSLA: Musk to sell 10% of stake

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by JamesJ, Nov 7, 2021.

  1. JamesJ


    He said he will follow the vote, which stands at 57% yes.
    Watch out for dump on monday.

    Tsla is being traded for 1135$ in tokenized stocks right now (FTX), around 8% lower.
  2. where to look at tokenized stock?
  3. JamesJ


  4. GotherL


    Why are investors saying yes if it's gonna tank the stock?

    Makes no sense...
  5. thecoder


    What's Elon going to do with soooo much cash in his hands? :)
    Let me guess: starting another of his crazy (but successful) business ideas :)
    Everything this smart & lucky entrepreneur guy touches turns into gold, it seems :)
  6. momo3HC


    I don`t believe he`ll do it. And if he do it then the more interesting question is where this money will flow. Crypto or something else?
  7. SunTrader


    Who said investors are answering yes, or no.

    But it is for a question for anyone with a twitter handle.
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  8. JamesJ


    I think he will.
    And he has a good excuse (vote was yes...) for selling at what he probably thinks is way overvalued prices. He still gets some hate of course from all the tsla followers...
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  9. Mercor


    He second question should be who to give the potential tax payment to
    Government or private charities

    It would be interesting to see that poll
  10. GotherL


    Well anyone following him at least a good portion of them must own the stock.
    #10     Nov 7, 2021