[TST] Are my results typical?

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    I've been trading in TopStepTrader's (TST) Combine program for about two weeks now.

    My last position was closed a few minutes ago and i'm up $1,068 for the day with no intention of opening or looking at the platform until tomorrow.

    What i'm trying to figure out is if my results are typical for someone trading futures. TST itself doesn't seem to have a community or chat room for those trading with them so i have no one to compare things to or ask. Hope this is the right place?
    1. Should my profits be larger than they are? I'm perfectly happy with $1k / day.
    2. Should i be trading larger positions? (I'm only comfortable with one or two contracts)
    3. Is my overall performance on par with people who trade with TST / Futures in general?
    4. Are there any stats shown in the screenshots that stick out as problematic?
    5. It it normal to have to reset your account?
    I've had to reset twice. One on Step 1 on day one for trying to trade from my phone and accidentally leaving a position open on the train. The second was because i had a position open during an economic event. The position didn't move up or down, but simply having it open was enough to require a reset.

    Thanks for your time!
  2. 1 day is not a full year of trading.
    You had to reset twice so maybe you are learning or might have to reset a 3rd time.
    Sim does not equal real trading
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  3. x86ASM


    What do you mean one day? Are you saying i've only traded one day?
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    1. Don't compare yourself to other traders. We each have our own path.
    2. Your challenge is with yourself, not with others.
    3. Always trade at your own comfort level. Learn to trust your gut.
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  5. Meaning what you did today, this week is not the measuring stick. What you do over the long term is. No your results are not typical, but come back after 4-5 months and then you will know what is typical.
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    The key to trading is controlling your losses, not your profits.

    It's real easy to think $1k/day sounds pretty damn good - because you are probably comparing it to what you make now or might make in the future. I would expect in your current job you naturally don't have days where you have to give money back to your employer. And other than work clothes on your back, commuting to and fro plus lunch money and incidentals you don't have expenses like market data/software/trading platform, commissions etc.?

    Price action and your abilities determine profits, not an arbitrary feel good target amount.
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  7. Code:
    mov EAX,[x68ASM_Funds]
    jmp _TST
    dec EAX
    jnz _TST
    I have not taken a look at TST in forever but I thought they had a chat room. Some guy named Eddie Horn would sometimes speak in audio chat while everyone else had to chat by typing messages. They would sometimes have Lewis Borsellino in there to talk about market profile (he is now selling PC anti-virus software and out of trading completely). Anyone who wanted to sell a product was invited to speak there to kill time and be background trading "noise".

    Has TST gotten so cheap that they don't even have a chat room anymore?

    Hey x86ASM, did you name yourself after the Intel x86 Assembly Language? I wrote a small program below in x86 asm to guide you on TST.

    mov EAX,[x68ASM_Funds]

    jmp _TST

    dec EAX
    jnz _TST
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    looks to me like you have accomplished the goal checklist. What is the problem?