Turmeric Health Benefits

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  1. These studies are kind of dangerous because they looked for a fact among the population and created causation where none existed. For example, let's assume the area drinks only goat milk, all have 3 or more kids, or has mostly single people.....then one can conclude these are all responsible for lower rates of Alzheimers.

    Although I would believe the single people link because after 30-40 years of marriage you want to forget the nagging haha.
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    Curcumin and green tea are both healthy – what happens when you combine them?


    Green tea up to 5 times as healthy when citrus juice added
    Studies have shown catechins from the green tea plant, Camellia sinensis, can inhibit cancer cell activity and stimulate production of immune-strengthening enzymes.The researchers believe that other types of tea, such as black or oolong, would likely also benefit from the addition of juice or vitamin C, because these types also contain catechins, though in smaller amounts than in green tea.

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  3. Let's not get carried away.


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    India has loads of turmeric but they still have тя☭мρ now.

    It is good for inflammation, I do use it but I have found low sugar and minimal bread (particularly that red wheat) is superior.
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  5. Yes, I think healthy living comes from a combination of good habits and healthful foods rather than a reliance on silver bullets.

    And yeah, тя☭мρ is great for inflammation. He inflames wherever he goes.
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