U.S. Inflation Is Highest in 13 Years as Prices Surge 5%

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    I remember the Ray Dalio interview with Jack Schwager.
    Including but not limited to;
    he lost money on his hog trade,
    big, big trouble in Mexico @ that time , but to Ray's shock the Fed helped the uptrend nicely.:cool::cool:.
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  2. I was pondering over that myself...commodities having topped and all. With the exception of oil and even oil may see a downturn soon.
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    Geez you guys are good, how come I can't see it?
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    LOL that'$ an average/fine if one likes averages;
    cash copper, non front month copper, /SLV +silver+ ammo look much better for uptrends. BUT speaking of averages\LOL i have seen ammo pull back\drop in price a bit lately so= i'm not against averages LOL.:D:D:D:D:D:D. Fabricated silver has looked even better , but i seldom trade or invest in exactly that.............................................................................
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    It is not quite unsurprising since the COVID 19 pandemic has rattled the whole world. Economic downfall, inflation, GDP going down and many more challenges have grappled the whole world. The US being the biggest economy in the world also could not deal with the pandemic, thereby proving the seriousness of the issue. It will rebound back to pre-COVID levels but it would take time.
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  8. While you're trying to be a smartass, you're going off of a totally different time frame than I am. Not only that, I'm looking at individual commodities, not an index.
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    Whoa, so someone debating your point of view is a smartass? Sensitive by any chance?
    Please tell, what commodity has topped? Are you referring to just short term, like a week or two?
    Please don't reply giving me lip or I'll block you in a flash.
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    You guys are only looking at one side of inflation...cost pull.
    Commodities go up, users have to pay more.
    The other side is demand push and that's all about wages, and it covers a lot more than just commodities.
    How likely is it that wages will come down? It's a perfect storm of policy accommodation to higher wages (min wage), demand for workers and workers on the dole.
    A friend of a friend runs a national chain restaurant and can't get a dishwasher at $20/hr. People won't even interview at that price.
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