University of Kansas Faculty Protest Chick-Fil-A on Campus in Fear of 'Mental Well-Being'

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    A new Chick-fil-A in the University of Kansas student union has prompted outcry from faculty who see the addition as potentially harmful.

    In an open letter, members of the school's Sexuality & Gender Diversity Faculty and Staff Council opened up about the potentially dangerous messages Chick-fil-A's involvement in the student body could cause.
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    Yes folks, even seeing a Chick -fill on campus could cause a dangerous mental breakdown, if you are a sensitive left leaning student..
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  3. "Much of the faculty letter surrounds the alleged behavior of Chick-fil-A toward the LGBTQ community, Much of the faculty letter surrounds the alleged behavior of Chick-fil-A toward the LGBTQ community, and questions the health of those on campus who may oppose the controversial restaurant. those on campus who may oppose the controversial restaurant."

    Many of the members of that so-called diversity group are thinking or have already had their private parts cut off to improve their health- in their minds. But the professors are worried about Chick-fil-A.

    Also, since when do universities need to have the faculty protest? I thought that the students were capable of doing that themselves, or maybe they didnt want to and it was just the faculty and a limited number of perv students.

    Since this is the University of Kansas, most likely the students biggest complaint about Chick-fil-A is that it is closed on Sundays. Can't have Taco Bell either because, well, cultural appropriation. And McDonald's, well climate change from cattle grazing and farting to produce meat, Pizza Hut? What, you think you are Italian or something? Stay within your lane. And even though I am from Maine, no lobster for me. Everyone knows that God created Red Lobster for black folks.

    Crazy shiite. Chick-fil-a should have 50% off Night for the faculty members and watch all the engineering and agricultural professors and the few remaining other normal people show up happy and leave happy. Let the Gender Diversity Professors eat what they gotta eat- AND LET'S NOT GO THERE!
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    I am getting seriously worried. Even 5 years ago anyone protesting this would have been laughed all the way to the funny farm- now it is seen as normal or even virtuous by the ( admittedly insane) left.
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  5. Two white college women went off the reservation in Portland Oregon by 1)getting a job or creating a job- not the Portland way, 2) engaging in capitalism- everyone knows that in the lib model you will eventually get your health care and your ethnic food down at the Department of Motor Vehicles, and 3) just generally having aspirations and taking intiative in life. Only white folks and descendants of slave owners think and act like that.

    All of those values are contrary to the lib model in Portland, Oregon. Those gals should be sleeping and shitting on the streets to be a real Portlander. And maybe they are now. They had a dream, and the libs killed it. It's what they do.

    Yup. They are closed now. This is what the lefties call a "victory" these days. AOC and her "no jobs for anyone" goal would love it.

    "Because of Portland’s underlying racism, the people who rightly own these traditions and cultures that exist are already treated poorly," The Portland Mercury said, calling the closure of Kooks a "victory."
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    Yeah, the state constitution did not allow blacks to live in Oregon until 1922. Yes you read that correctly. The state government (including the governor), founders of the University of Oregon and most of the police belonged to the KKK at that time.

    Personally I've never seen so many white people in my life. Its the most painfully white place on the planet. I'm shocked when I see a black person.

    Oregon is not a racial progressive place. Fact.
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  7. Yup, that is why Peizoe- living in Louisiana- lots of melanin pigment-enhanced people there-both brown and black- makes his daily declaration about why he wants to move to Canada.

    Berates us daily for racism- then openly pines about moving to the Great White North. There is a reason why he wants to move to whitey-ville and it is not politically correct.

    We expect no less. A lefty cannot be a lefty without being duplicitous.
  8. Maybe the faculty have not tried the chick fil a sandwiches and fries yet. Hard to protest something when it tastes that good.
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    Hmm the chair of the Sexuality & Gender Diversity Faculty and Staff Council has her masters in Gender Studies - you would think someone with that level of intelligence and education would have tried them ..:)
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