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Discussion in 'Options' started by optionshunter, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. Does anyone know where I can find unusual option information? Recently been following the Najarians on CNBC with option activity, but they are never real time which is rather unfortunate. Thanks
  2. Typical you can pay for a service or program a search of irregular volume based on a parameter of yours.. I suggest the latter.... Livevol is a paid platform that offers than
  3. I tired livevol, but in the end it was to expensive they charge like $200+ a month. Looking for something closer to the $50 range if at all possible lol
  4. Um create your own search...... Use R or python... Look for a script... I'm sure there is one out there

  5. When it comes to options the $200 fee versus the $50 is a moot point. One trade will make that $150 back.

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    I am using optionshouse and they have some free rudimentary unusual options activity scanner. Maybe you can start from there?
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  8. I think I would personally like to create the definition of what is unusual myself
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    Check out wallstjesus on twitter. This guy posts a lot of options info.

  10. IMO ..... "unusual option activity" would have to be defined on a case by case basis AND an accurate underlying movement prediction made beforehand along with a profitable option position.

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