Up $1240 (sim) over the past ten weeks in this trade room, should I join?

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  1. K-Pia


    Combine both. Trade when you can to gain experience.
    Guess the return you can produce. How much capital you have.
    Then, according to your return, quite your job when you have enough capital.
    To be able to reproduce twice your salary. Twice because we ain't get paid every month.


    IF Capital * Average Montly Return(%)^12 >= 2(Yearly Expenses)
    Then Quite your job. But to compound means no withdrawal.
    That's why it's also wise to multiply by two the expenses.
    Rule of thumb ....
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  2. What is the benchmark to which to compare your performance to?
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  3. K-Pia


    The S&P 500 ?
    A passive strategy. Buy & Hold.
    Or your potential savings as a worker.

    A benchmark that you could cash in.
    Compare different strategies.

    It's all about : What are the options ?
    Then compare their ROI over time.
    If you can't beat your job salary or a passive strategy while actively trading then ... You're not doing it right in terms of wealth maximization.
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