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    greetings, sounds like a cool idea...

    im also considering travel, there are a few places in latam on my current list. however, im sure you can respect the fact that id like to keep it private as to avoid any mcdonalds'isation (at least until after i get to visit :)

    i remember hearing that uruguay is sooo socialist that you arent even allowed to fix things on your own house. you got to get a really difficult permit or pay a professional. anyways i am open to different world views but one should always go in with an open mind vs the "but thats how we do it back in" and get mind rekt :O)

    another thing is of course the language, i guess ive been spoiled here as we can travel literally for days and still only hear and need the same language. but that seems something that irks a lot of people about us when traveling plus will lower quality of life greatly.

    i would definitely recommend if someone plans to stay longer than a couple weeks to also invest in the effort as i believe the reward will be much more than the cost. especially somewhere like LATAM, yes the spanish you use in tijuana will be "different" from that in patagonia however not by enough to warrant not learning at least the basics. you have an entire new WORLD in spanish.

    anyhow GO FOR IT! and best of luck.

    keep us updated on this uruguayan escapade and who knows maybe we will go for a cup of mate someday in a montevideo cafe
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    Looks like prices down trended since I was there 20 years ago. Great nation, great people/friendly. I felt real safe in Montevideo and every where.Everyone should visit there.
    Make Uruguay great again .................................................................................. They love North Americans/just like Argentina:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
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    If I'm a rich guy, I have no problem with that, so long as they're not taxing the pants off everything I make in the financial markets as well. I'd much rather pay folks to be productive in ways that benefit society than have the government take my money and hand it out to people who refuse to look for work because they can collect more money from the government sitting at home watching television (I've heard such conversations first hand), women who continue to have more babies out of wedlock to keep the government checks coming in (again, I've heard these conversations with my own ears), housing the homeless in luxury hotels and providing them with free liquor, etc., etc., etc.).

    P.S. I just learned that Oregon has legalized heroine and cocaine. Can you image the kind of problems taxpayers are going to be paying for in that state? Things are getting downright insane around here!

    (By the way, if I'm a heroine or cocaine addict, I'm moving to Oregon!)
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    Learning Spanish

    Librolibre.net has archived a list of Spanish learning resources. And since you feel most Spanish courses go too slow (not to mention that you dislike talking into online websites) you can start by copying articles from Woodward Spanish, translate them into English using Google Translate, and then memorize them to start expanding your practical-use vocabulary relatively quickly while avoiding the mostly unproductive repetition of your typical Spanish class.

    ScreenHunter_8938 Nov. 14 18.27.jpg
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    I'm likely to move out of California before I move to Uruguay (if ever). So, here is some information for me to consider...
    ScreenHunter_9382 Jan. 19 15.42.jpg
    (According to Bill O'Reilly, the state where people worry the most is Missouri, with Mississippi coming in second.)
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    Alternative information...
    ScreenHunter_9383 Jan. 19 15.48.jpg
    ScreenHunter_9385 Jan. 19 15.49.jpg
    At a quick glance, the only states I see matching up on both lists (for lack of worry) are Iowa, Utah, and North Dakota.
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    Of these three, the best when it comes to taxes is North Dakota.
    ScreenHunter_9391 Jan. 20 00.21.jpg
    ScreenHunter_9396 Jan. 20 00.24.jpg
    In terms of both stress (worry) and taxes, South Dakota ranks pretty well too. Plus, it borders Nebraska, where I have family.
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    Sounds good;
    if one is used to super cold. I do like a certain amount of rural.................................................................................................................
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    If I opt to move to someplace like North Dakota, South Dakota or Alaska, I'm likely to spend much of the time between November and March visiting family in California, vacationing in places I've never been (such as Arizona, New Mexico and Texas), and revising places I've lived in the past (such as Puerto Rico and the United Arab Emirates), seeing as how online trading will enable me to continue generating income from any hotel/motel that has free Wi-Fi.
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