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    Unfortunately, the exit time coincided with a pullback that pushed the rate above the strike price during the last 30 minutes before expiry...

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    This trade was successful, but clearly I should have purchased this contract around the 24:00 hour as opposed to 19:00. So, I obviously need to work out a better timing mechanism for entering positions...

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    The Spanish spoken in Uruguay (River Plate variant) is almost the same as the Spanish spoken in Mexico, but in Uruguay, they use some words that Mexicans do not. The vocabulary is slightly different primarily in terms of informal speech. Nonetheless, someone from Mexico would have no problem communicating there—though the accent/pronunciations would be different.

    It's true that Uruguay will not accept a record of profits from day trading as proof of steady monthly income for the purpose of applying for permanent residency/citizenship. Instead, what they require as proof is an Accounting Certificate of monthly income received.

    As far as particular locations where a lot of American expatriates live, Uruguay, has a popular destination called Punta del Este where some foreigners choose to live, most of whom are retired and who therefore want to live near the beach and far from the city. However, in Montevideo some of the most popular neighborhoods include Carrasco, Punta Gorda, Pocitos and Punta Carretas.

    Note that when it comes to numeration, in Uruguay they use periods where we use commas in the USA, and they use commas where we use periods…


    Normally, when you open a Bank account in Uruguay, you can ask to open one in Uruguayan pesos (UYU) and one in US dollars (USD) due to the fact that it is typical for people in the county to make big transactions in USD, such as buying houses or cars; and in some cases, renting a house, buying electronic devices, etc.

    So then, trading via Binary.com using UYU is not an option...

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    This should not be a problem however given you can open a multi-currency bank account, which is very common in the country, and in your bank you can exchange currency (i.e., buy USD using UYU) and then use the USD to trade via Bincary.com.

    As in the USA, the minimum Stake you can trade is 50ȼ…

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    Tuesday / July 6, 2021

    The activity over the last 24 hours resulted in five profitable trades worth a total of almost $250 dollars, which was much better than Thursday's results almost two weeks ago. So, what was the difference?

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    Ideally, you should be looking to enter positions in the direction of the slope of the 2- and 5-day price range envelopes (which should be aligned with one another) while rates are still positioned on the halves of the envelopes that is away from (opposed to) the direction in which the envelopes are headed, especially as price is being rejected by the 10-hour temporal support or resistance level, as appropriate.

    Trades are triggered when the 1-, 2- and 3- (or is it 4-?) hour baselines reverse direction to realign themselves with the trajectory of the 2- and 5-day price range envelopes. This is confirmed by the 7-hour baseline smoothed in conjunction with the 9-hour temporal support or resistance level, as appropriate (see the image below).

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    Slow Internet and super expensive imports might be deal breakers for me...

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    When she purposefully showed her ass in the bathing suit, coming out of the pool at like 45 seconds in, I realized that I do not need to waste the next 47 minutes of my life listening to her and her boyfriend spew about Uruguay, which if I last recall, did not have kangaroos.
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    You'll want one of these...
    crime heatmap - https://duckduckgo.com/?q=crime+heatmap&t=h_&ia=web
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