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  1. I have standard bundled subscription at IB. How can I watch USD?

    The closest match was USD/NYBOT but the row does not populate for me :-(

    Please suggest.

  2. Bob111


    regardless to what do mean by USD..$ or semis ETF...type USD into TWS. pick whatever you need from menu
  3. I'm looking for the one which is around 75 and possibly making double bottom... :-D

    I tried your suggestion but so many options. Could not find it.
  4. moarla


  5. Thanks a lot but this one is also not loading. I get blank row :-( What data subscription package is needed for this?

    I only have 'Bundle' and 'CBOE market data express' subscribed.
  6. Stok


    U need NYBOT sub to get DX.
  7. I don't see any such subscription? What exactly is that called at IB (from inside account management)?
  8. wjk


    Might be InterContinental and NYBT (non-professional).
  9. Thanks a lot.

    Now I'm subscribed to it; but my DX row is still not showing. May be it'll take effect tomorrow.
  10. wjk


    You may want to check with IB customer chat for the correct symbol to input in TWS. At tradestation, I need to put the contract month and year behind DX. Don't know if you need to do that at IB or not.
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