Vehicles I Have Known and Loved

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    We Need Some More Pics of your 69 Stingray.
    That's Fun on Wheels! So Fine!
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  3. Thanks! Okay, this is actually mine. Has some paint chips and rust, but it's 52 years old...

    Corvette 69.jpg
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    Man I like what you did with the 'gills' paint highlight. What a beauty. Straight front bumper, Luggage rack sets it off real nice. Tires and All. What's not to like?
    Next time you pop the hood on that baby shoot a couple, what's the aspect of the radiator under there? Maybe even do a couple of shots with flash of the undercarriage, nothing fancy but prob some cool touches under there too. You have a jewel there. I can almost hear it.
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  5. Thanks. Yeah the 68-80 C3 Corvette is one of the more distinctive cars of the era I think. 68-72 still have the chrome bumpers and I think the "gills" changed about 1970. Also they started to get down tuned with emissions stuff. I like mine a lot, but the coolest one is probably the 69 427 with badass side pipes.