Very bad experience with Grandcashfx Ltd.

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    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to warn you of this forex broker from U.S. They make it very difficult to withdraw the profit, claiming high withdrawal fees. Recently, they claimed a fee to cover tax, which allegedly should be paid through their custodian bank, on I don't know what. As a non-resident alien individual I am not a subject to capital gain tax.
    From what I have learned, it is not a common procedure of legitimite forex brokers to claim any tax fees.
    If I am wrong, please, inform me. I am still new to trading.
  2. virtusa


    I suggest people watch the website. My intuition tells me there is something wrong.
    In the left top corner, every 5 secs a popup tells: XXX just made a withdrawal of XXX$. That is very unusual, I have never seen that.
    They probably do that to give you the impression that withdrawals are easy. But from OP experience it seems very difficult. I saw even withdrawals in the amount of $250K... Very suspicious.

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  3. Daniel.a


    Just stay away from these types of "brokers" why on earth does anyone want to use these unknown types of entities/brokers etc... why not just chose a broker that has the highest chance of not go bust or turn up to be a scam ? pick the most well known broker brand, that you can open an account with... (those popups are most likely fake btw, xxx made a withdrawal etc etc)..
  4. There are probably only about 3 retail brokers in the US that are even near reputable. The market was invented to part peoples money. Its hard wired into the game. Brokers will steal your money quicker than any other participant because they have a license to do so. That's why many long-term investors buy Buffets stock or use Vanguard.
    Forex and Crypto is probably the least reputable at the retail level. But if you research, there are a few good brokers.
  5. ZBZB


    Why would any body be attracted to this website when the English is not from a native speaker? I guess if you have not heard of bitcoin or stocks!
  6. The English on the website is poor. Besides that is it not disclosed with which financial authority this company is registered. An address in New York is given, but I can't find that address on Google maps. When I type that address in a search engine I get at least 5 other companies which use the exact same address.
  7. ValeryN


    The withdrawal alert is fake and is a huge RED flag.

    They have a list of all of those combinations in a plain HTML.

    var nameT = ["Someone from Sweden", "Someone from Peru", "Someone from Indonesian", "Someone from Ghana", "Someone from South Africa", "Someone from U.k", "Someone from India", "Someone from USA", "Someone from USA", "Someone from scotland ", "Someone from Hungary", "Someone from Mexico", "Someone from italy", "Someone from portugal", "Someone from Hungary", "Someone from USA", "Someone from Wales", "Someone from USA", "Someone from Canada", "Someone from Australia", "Someone from USA", "Someone from  France", "Someone from spain", "Someone from USA"];
    var amountT=["$35,670", "$15,600", "$8,500", "$6,450", "$10,650", "$55,000", "$25,790", "$250,700", "$405,685", "$67,800", "$45,000", "$34,000", "$105,000", "$56,000", "$25,600", "2.5BTC", "10.5BTC", "5BTC", "0.0075683BTC", "$35,000", "3.023BTC", "$55,000", "10BTC", "1.0054BTC", "3BTC"]
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    The one from Ghana with $405,685 is real. It is the man who build the website and takes the money from the victims. :D
  9. BMK


    LMFAO That is soooo obviously not a real forex broker in the USA.

    I called the contact phone number, and after about seven rings, I got a robotic greeting that said something like "I'm sorry I can't take your call, please leave a message, and I will return your call." The greeting did not even provide the name of the company.

    And the phone number is not formatted as a US number.

    And if their "office" is in New York City, why does their phone number have an area code that is associated with Louisville, Kentucky??

    And you can find out more about the phone number at

    The phone company that hosts that number is a VOIP carrier called

    Anyone anywhere in the world can get a US phone number that rings into a voicemail box...

    If anyone ever answers that phone--which is very unlikely--they won't be in New York City or in Louisvillle, Kentucky LOL

    They'll probably be in some boiler room in Romania or Benin

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  10. Daniel.a


    Is it not amazing, that most of the things relating to "forex" trading is just a big scam :)
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