VPS Coices? Azure vs ChartVPS vs ..?..

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    I have tried both Azure and ChartVPS and liked both for different reasons. In fact, I do not need this tool right now, but will need in a year or so.
    Anybody uses either one on long-term basis here?
    Any caveats?

    All I need in the future is a back-up machine with CQG. My primary trading is done on old boxes and a laptop at the office running Photon Trader, TOS and QTrader (AMP). Nothing fancy, discretionary swing trading. Just 2 monitors and I am reducing to 1 soon.

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    Thank you. Have you been using them for a long period of time? Seems like they simply resell MSFT licenses and their geo-location on outdated hardware. I use a lot of outdated hardware myself, and it works admirably for my needs, but I never ran a business that way.

    Anyway, if you have a good experience with them, that is all that counts.
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    I don’t use them but they are in downtown Chicago just a few milliseconds to CME aurora data centre.
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  6. You are using one of their "Basic Droplets" with 1 CPU and 2 GB memory?
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  7. I just checked them out, definitely not 20-30% of the cost of aws for a standard compute instance. For around $120/m I expect better specs for a standalone instance. If interested I can dig up some service I previously used that offers way better specs for a hosted dedicated server instance. But no guarantee re latencies to any money centers

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    I'm interested
    Currently using vultr
  9. less than 1ms ping to IB vs 6+ for aws
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