Walk it off.

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    Cracked me up, but it's true.
  2. If you get killed, plot revenge.
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  3. %%
    Good one;
    + trade smaller if you get killed, as a figure of speech.
    I thought that / was going about killin' a few pounds/killin' fat/LOL
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    Weight loss takes serious motivation. I lost 40 pounds in 6 months because of a girl. I never got her back, but I lost the weight. I'm still at 195, but after hurting my back, I just look like a flabby old bastard.
  5. This is an extraordinarily motivating quote.
    If you get killed (blew your account), walk it off (add more funds).
    I hope it’s applicable.
  6. maxinger


    This is the meaning :

    if you get hurt, hurt 'em back
    if you lost money from trading, go take revenge. Go do revenge trading

    if you get killed, walk it off
    if you blew the account, simply go and top it up.
  7. I really liked it and I'm gonna apply it in my trading. Whenever I’m going to incur a loss, I’ll just walk it off and start fresh.
    Right now, I just take a step back, sit on my porch and reflect. It helps me to regain my calm.