Warren Buffett Says America Is "So Rich" It Can Afford Single Payer

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Banjo, Jun 27, 2017.

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  2. America is $20 TRILLION in debt (not counting unfunded liabilities). How in the Hell is that "rich"?

    If America wants a GOOD single payer plan for health insurance, we should copy Taiwan's.
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  3. It's another implementation of socialism this will always fail as feedback is not directly connected to the customer or client.. the client is the government and companies will get good at billing the cover government regardless of what happens to the patient... Its destructionism.. it's completely opposite of how the us was established...
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    You could have the state pay for the unemployed and companies pay for their employees.
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    As a libertarian/academic economist who came from a medical education family, I am forced to observe that most of the world has found it worthwhile to provide taxpayer-funded education and health services, and while the details differ, the delivery of these things in the United States is fantastically inefficient. Unfortunately, the recipient/consumers (being, the students and patients) tend to be the least heard, while the biggest influences in the process are (generally) price un-responsive, and instead are the largest purveryors/suppliers/suckers-at-the-teat.

    "Our bad" as they say. It's not the fault of a single-payer system -- it's the fault of the United States for (as a collective) being witheringly stupid in execution. There is an entire planet of good practice available; Warren Buffet (no stranger to value, he) knows this.
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  6. The "state" can't pay for anything. It doesn't have any money. Its source of funds is "take money from one citizen to give to another". The only function of the state is to collect the "vig" for implementing/regulating transactions.... even when they are harmful.

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  7. ya.. its called taxation and taxation is theft
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    Probably the most sensible and realistic summary of one's position regarding healthcare provision that I've ever seen in a non-medical-economics forum.
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  9. On the surface, the notion of "single payer" makes me think of "corruption", "crony capitalism", and "special interest benefit". The notion of "government, single payer" makes me want to barf. However, the notion of a GOOD single payer system has some merit. Years ago, Taiwan decided it would be a good idea to implement a national healthcare system.

    It took a few years of research and analysis.... considering the "pros and cons" of US, Canada, and European systems. Then "pieced together the best of each" while eliminating the "worst of each". It's now claimed that Taiwan has one of the best and lowest cost healthcare systems on the planet. If America were to get behind such a task, I might could get behind it.

    Why can't we do something like that?? Doesn't if follow... that at some point, somebody's (corporations) greed needs to be sacrificed for the good of the majority? Though that doesn't infer that "one greed should be substituted for another".
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    The UK also urgently needs to, and either de-politicizing the management of healthcare provision or at least trying to resolve it on a cross-party basis would be a good starting point.
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