We buying MRNA? The vax is still need since the pill won't prevent anything.

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  1. I watched the Pfizer CEO on Bloomberg friday saying people are idiots for not taking the vaccine. Their $700 pill is just a treatment and the vaccine is needed to control the virus outbreaks and mutations.

    Also MRNA crap earnings had to do with supply issues not demand...

    So - isn't this a good time to be kicking the buy bottom on MRNA...
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    1-"The vax is still need since the pill won't prevent anything."
    If a reliable treatment is available, many will stop taking the vaccine because of the controversy over safety.

    2-Will vaccine boosters be required every 6-12 months? If the answer is NO, I wouldn't want to own MRNA.

    ***Vaccine requirements just hit the pause for some today.
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  3. So you’re betting on multiple expansion or think they will beat their revenue forecast?
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    Yes it is, and it has little to do with their covid vaccine. It has to do with their technology and intellectual property which will have to be licensed by other pharma players. Moderna has several potential blockbusters in the pipeline. Trading this is just a gamblers game, but investing in MRNA is a wise move. This is a good point to hit the buy button.

    Many, if not all, of the now routine vaccines based on attenuated or killed virus will be replaced with mRNA vaccines using Moderna's lipid jacketed mRNA technology. That's a big licensing opportunity coming soon (very soon!) to pharmaceutical company near you.
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    I think MRNA falls under 200. Its a sell on any strength stock.
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    Maybe. If it does, buy it.

    People are thinking its a one trick pony and Covid is behind us. Well Covid may be behind us, but MRNA is not a one trick pony.
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    What goes up must come down.

    TSLA is next...

    Timing the tops on these are friggen hard tho.
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    mRNA is solid technology and quite useful. These Covid vaccines are only effective for roughly six months. Many other areas of mRNA work (before the public knew what it was) were far more effective.
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    Interesting post.
    I know you well enough to know you're certainly no dummy about anything. I didn't know you knew biotechs however.
    I'm gonna have to sick Stoney on this tomorrow, see what he thinks.
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