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    Brazil Counts Almost Twice As Many Daily Covid-19 Deaths As The U.S.

    Brazil reported nearly twice as many new Covid-19 deaths as the U.S. in the previous 24 hours Tuesday, a menacing marker as the country emerges as the world’s new epicenter for the virus.
    • Brazil’s Health Ministry reported 1,039 new Covid-19 deaths Tuesday evening, compared to 592 deaths reported by the U.S.’ Centers for Disease Control.
    • Tuesday is the fifth day in a row that Brazil has reported the world’s highest number of daily Covid-19 deaths, totaling nearly 25,000 since the country counted its first case in late February.
    • The U.S. has been the hardest-hit country in the world for much of the pandemic, but Brazil’s steep fatality rate and increasing number of daily deaths indicate it is rapidly becoming the new Covid-19 hot spot.
    • The country saw an average of 935 deaths per day last week, with close to 1,200 deaths on Thursday alone, though most experts believe the fatalities have been undercounted—perhaps by as much as 40%, according to some scientists’ estimates.
    • President Jair Bolsonaro has seen his popularity drop significantly since the pandemic began, as he downplays the severity of the virus and continuously attacks social distancing measures, saying a weakened economy could be more deadly than the virus itself.
    • But 60% of Brazilians support stricter shelter-in-place orders according to a poll released Wednesday, while another poll found 58% of respondents were in favor of Bolsonaro being impeached.
    Experts believe Covid-19 cases and deaths will only continue to rise in Brazil in the following weeks. According to a Pan American Health Organization model, Brazil could count nearly 89,000 virus deaths by early August.

    The World Health Organization said Tuesday that the Americas are developing into the new global center of the Covid-19 pandemic, with new cases and deaths expected to continue in Latin American countries throughout the rest of the summer. Brazil was the first Latin American country to report a Covid-19 case on February 26, 2020, and still has the most in the region by far. Experts say sweeping poverty and rampant inequality in Brazil makes the country particularly vulnerable to the virus.
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    Welcome to the no-lockdown paradise, Brazil. Please try to avoid stepping on all the dead bodies.

    Photos of mass graves in Brazil show the stark toll of the coronavirus, as experts predict that it will surpass 125,000 deaths by August

    • New estimates from the University of Washington predict that Brazil will surpass 125,000 COVID-19 deaths by August 4.
    • By comparison, the US is expected to reach 131,967 deaths by August 4.
    • Brazil now has the second-highest number of reported coronavirus cases, surpassing Russia.
    • Photos of mass graves capture the human toll of the coronavirus in Brazil.
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    Tsing Tao

    It might. If it does not, will these same "experts" issue apologies why it was not? Of course they won't. Right now, the deaths per 1M are a lot lower than many other countries. The daily deaths look in the short term to have peaked. Who knows?

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    I would say the slope is clearly up on the graph, hospitals in major cities in Brazil are clearly overwhelmed -- the situation is a government-created disaster.
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    then what is the slope for deaths in sweden...


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    Sweden has the highest daily coronavirus death rate in the world – and it’s getting worse


    As an increasing number of European countries ease away from their coronavirus peaks, in Sweden the story is a little different.

    In early March, the Nordic country opted to impose minimal restrictions, including the banning of public events of more than 50 people, barring visits to care homes, non-essential travel and anti-crowding rules in bars and restaurants.

    The measures had a positive effect despite critics questioning Sweden’s non-authoritarian approach. But from early April, the numbers began to change, showing the country’s death toll was starting to climb.

    Figures published by Our World in Data shows Sweden currently has the highest daily death rate per capita in the world. As of May 28, Sweden reported, on average, 5.50 COVID-19 deaths per million per day (on a seven-day rolling average) as outlined in the chart below.


    (More at above url)
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    this is why I say you are so full of shit.
    I linked to your preferred data source and the slope of daily deaths in sweden is clearly down...
    (you had just used the slope of deaths in Brazil to make your point.)

    So once again you post an headline that seems to conflict with reality.
    Sweden may have a death rate of 5.5 per million but at the moment. when you look at worldometer... the slope of deaths each day is obviously not getting worse.

    It may in the future... but right now... its getting better.
    So this is the second time in about a week you posted an article that seems to conflict with worldometer.

    so how do you reconcile that?
    Remember you gave me the links to worldometer... and you choose their data over others.

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    You're getting frazzled. Apparently you are unable to accept hard data and facts.

    The facts show Sweden currently has the highest daily death rate per capita in the world. As of May 28, Sweden reported, on average, 5.50 COVID-19 deaths per million per day (on a seven-day rolling average).

    Why don't you chart the seven-day rolling average of deaths in Sweden and publish your results.

    BTW -- when are you moving to the no-lockdown paradise, Brazil. Apparently their COVID-19 policies totally meet your approval.
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    I am not getting frazzled... I accepted the 5.5 number....

    I challenged the idea that its getting worse when the slope of daily death deaths in Sweden s improving.

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    Plane tickets to Brazil are cheap these days. Enjoy your flight to the no-lockdown paradise

    Maybe someone down there can help you create a chart.
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