Welcome to the No-Lockdown Paradise - Brazil

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  1. jem


    maybe you will begin to realize.. that the you are posting bullshit... to scare people...

    No lockdown in Sweden vs lockdown... and this result?

    Why are you trying to make Sweden look bad with bullshit snapshots of twisted data?

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  2. gwb-trading


    So let's see if you understand the difference between countries that had their peaks in the past (Italy, Spain, Belgium, U.K. France, etc.) and countries where the death rate is still increasing and rising to a peak now like Sweden. In the case of Sweden it is due to their incredibly poor government policy response.
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  3. jem


    that is why I consider you a fucking covid troll.
    look at the chart of daily deaths for sweden...
    (its near the bottom of the page.)

    its not going up.... its not rising to a peak
    its going down...

    for fucks sake.. stop lying... and click the link...
    look at the deaths each day....
    the trend is absolutely down, not up....

    its from the site... you use.

    you have covid derangement syndrome.


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  4. gwb-trading


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  5. jem


    You are covid troll loser.
    Reposting that bullshit twisted data chart...
    Are you afraid to click on the link of your preferred covid data site,

    deaths per day on average are much lower now than they were a 4 weeks ago...

    you rchart is absolutely distorted piece of shit view....

    its not looking at a 7 day rolling average...

    its just the last 7 days....

    if you were seeing a 7 day rolling average going back a month or tow you would know deaths are not rising as you claim.

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  6. gwb-trading


    Maybe you need to learn the importance of per capita when comparing things
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  7. jem


    your chart is bullshit... whether its per capita or absolute deaths...

    deaths are going down in sweden click on the link fucking numbskulll.

    there are 10.3 million people so divide by 10 for per million or 100 for per 100,000..

    its fucking kindergarten shit...

    but its going down...

    anyway you slice you are lying wrong... they are not peaking compared to 30 days or sixty...

    maybe monday to sunday... but only an asshole would make a 7 day chart and say deaths are rising in Sweden...

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  8. gwb-trading


    Let's take a look at the only two top bright red countries on the map for the number of deaths per million over a three day period -- Sweden and Brazil.

    Sweden is now UP to 7.82 Deaths per day per million. Doubling in three mere days.
    Even Brazil is only at 5.14 deaths per day per million.

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  9. Cuddles


    I thought Sweden was filled with feminist muslim loving communist cucks and a crumbling nationalized healthcare system? How'd it become the example to follow?
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  10. jem


    man are you a stupid fucking troll

    every Sunday the deaths are low
    and they go up during the week...

    So on Sunday there were 6 deaths recorded...in the whole country...
    yesterday there were 46....

    Deaths went up 8 times... according you and your fucking ridiculous logic.

    click link you we see that deaths are trending down you fucking troll.


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